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All Hands On Deck – The Garden Party Guide

When it comes to entertaining at home, there really is no better venue than your own backyard. Of course, preparing your home for a large number of guests isn’t without a few challenges. Fortunately, there are plenty of hints and tips to help you right here. The first thing you need is a guest list. This will give you an idea how many people you’ll be catering for. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large or small gathering. You can easily manage the numbers when you open your garden for the party.

Start by considering the weather. We’re not all lucky enough to have great weather all the time, but we can still enjoy the garden with a little cover. Have a look at companies like stylemaster patios to get an idea of the kind of roof you could give your patio to suit the changing seasons. You can find a covering that will suit your outdoor lounge, dining area, or even your outdoor kitchenette. The covering could help keep your patio stones a little cleaner too.

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If your patio needs a sweep and wash, consider using a power washer. These are often highly effective at lifting all of last season’s grime and debris and leaving behind a fresh finish. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, and arrange your potted plants to offer the maximum amount of color in view. Now the garden is tidy, you’re ready to decorate.

Fairy lights come in all shapes and sizes. Because they are on long ‘strings,’ you can wrap them around anywhere. Always be sure to use the outdoor use variety. These are often solar powered, so they may need a couple of sunny days to charge fully. You can also illuminate your paths and planting with solar powered lights. Perhaps you have a patio heater that offers a little light as well?

Food is really important at events like your party. You might be keen to keep it as healthy as possible, especially if you’re only catering for a few people. The most important part of preparing food is hygiene and storage. Keep your chilled foods like cheeses and cold meats on ice. Hot foods need to be kept hot, especially if they contain meat. Always keep dishes covered to protect from insects.

Local laws about music vary wildly from region to region. It’s best to keep the volume down as much as possible regardless of your local rules. If you need to apply for a license to play your music, then it is often best to comply to avoid an embarrassing penalty. Perhaps you’re hiring a band to play? Make sure you’re able to offer a safe working environment for the gigging artists.

Protection from the sun is important if you’re enjoying your garden. Give the kids a covering of high protection sun cream. It’s worth considering how you can provide one or two extra shaded areas in your garden for comfort. Don’t forget – drinking alcohol in the sun can increase its effect! Take care and enjoy your fabulous garden party.

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