Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

With hot tubs greatly increasing in popularity in the last few years the health benefits that can be gained by regular use have been studied further, and although, just for relaxation and family fun they are worth the investment, more and more people are using hot tubs for various health issues. 

The warmth along with the gentle massage will allow you to lay back and let the stress and tension go and this in itself, will help with your general well being after a long maybe stressful and tiring day away while also easing muscle tension and body aches. 

We advise that if you have serious health problems such as heart disease or high blood pressure before using a hot tub please seek professional medical advice

Aid to pain relief

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Hydrotherapy, which can also be known as water therapy, aquatic therapy, pool therapy, and balneotherapy, has been used for hundreds of years to aid with pain and the healing of injuries. 

Long ago it would be hot springs that were used for this water therapy treatment, but with the modern technology that is available today, we have the opportunity for hot tub use. 

Hot tub usage gives the same results while letting you lay back and enjoy a spa experience in the privacy of your own backyard.

Surely there is no better way to get the relaxation needed than by soaking in a hot tub, as the natural properties of the water will give the buoyancy to take any stress and pressure from the joints.

While the water temperature will increase blood circulation by widening the blood vessels and therefore increasing nutrient-rich blood flow that can help bring down swelling, relieve muscle pain and promotes healing of injured tissue. 

Here again, we advise that you seek medical advice if you have serious back pain issues or problems with a lot of pain, as hot tub therapy is a complementary treatment to be used in conjunction with medical treatment.

Help to reduce stress and anxiety

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We can all get stressed and suffer from anxiety with the pace of modern-day living, and one of the benefits of hot tub use is stress relief. 

Just laying back in your own hot tub receiving a wonderfully luxurious massage in warm water will instantly start to relax the mind while gradually easing any tension or muscle soreness. 

Stress in itself can be the cause of health ailments that can turn into major problems for people if not addressed, so take some time out for your self, just lay back relax and enjoy. 

If possible try to do this for 15-20 minutes twice a day, soaking in a hot tub in the morning will set your body and mind up for the day ahead and again in the evening to forget all about the trials and tribulations of the day. 

If you have the opportunity to do this and get into a routine you will find that you can achieve a better and more relaxed state of mind.

If this has made you think that you would like to invest in one of the hot tubs on the market then to save any more stress, do your research and read some hot tub reviews before you buy this will ensure that you will know which option may be best for your needs. 

Aid to better sleep

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Millions of people suffer from some form of sleep disorder, some may find it hard to fall asleep, some have restless nights, and find they wake to feel stressed and not rested as a good night’s sleep should make you feel. 

One of the hot tub uses that people can benefit from is a better sleep pattern. 

Just like the reduction of stress and anxiety already mentioned, relaxing in your hot tub shortly before retiring to bed will aid better sleep, increasing the body temperature and therefore the blood flow that will ease any tension that you may have in your body and muscles while you relax. 

Get into a routine of using your hot tub for 15-20 minutes each night and you will soon feel the benefits for a better sleep pattern. 

If you do have a serious problem then the National Sleep Foundation is a great source of information and may help with any sleep disorders you have. 

Aid for arthritic pain

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Arthritis pain and limited movement is a major health problem for a lot of people, but hot tubs can help relieve this, the buoyancy will take all the stress from the joints and allow for mild exercise that may not be possible otherwise. 

The warm water and massage will help to loosen those stiff joints along with the benefits of having increased nutrient-rich blood flow to injured tissues promoting healing and easing pain. 

Aid the treatment of type 2 diabetes

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Research that has been done with Dr. Philip L. Hooper from the McKee Medical Center found that sitting in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for three weeks has improved some of the patients’ condition, this seemed to help not only to lower their blood sugar levels or glucose levels but also with weight loss. 

Because the warm water of the hot tub increases blood circulation which in turn increases the heart rate as if light exercise had been taken. 

This study stated that the hot tub sessions should be a little longer, between 30-45 minutes in the hot tub to gain any benefit as this will improve blood flow that will take nutrient-rich blood around the body. 

Removing toxins in the body and helping to alleviate any numbness or tingling that Diabetic Neuropathy can cause while counteracting the slow healing effects of diabetes

But once again we strongly recommend that you get medical advice if you suffer severe symptoms.

Help relieve Fibromyalgia

This disorder is extremely painful and has various symptoms including fatigue, trouble with sleep, mood swings, memory problems but the worst is widespread body pain. 

You will benefit from the warm water and massaging of the air bubbles, as these will help with sleep while relaxing you at the same time.

The buoyancy that the natural properties of water offer along with the massage will take the stress and tension from the joints while easing muscle aches and general pains. 

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Description automatically generatedFor this, you will need to have regular water therapy sessions in the hot tub of 15 to 20 minutes improving your circulation which increases the heart rate giving the same advantages of mild exercise that you might otherwise not be able to have.

Once again we will advise that this is a complementary treatment and if you have serious health problems such as high or low blood pressure please seek professional medical advice. 

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