Check Out These 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Wine

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. You finally have an excuse to drink an extra glass of wine at dinner. Maybe even at lunch!

There are quite a few health benefits of wine, red wine to be more specific. What are they? Go pour yourself a glass of your favorite red and then we’ll tell you five great health benefits of wine.

1. Improve Your Heart

Believe it or not, red wine can improve the health of your heart. This is because of polyphenols which are concentrated during the wine-making process. Polyphenols are these micronutrients found in a lot of plant-based foods and they do wonders for your health.

In addition to these micronutrients boosting the health of your heart, wine is able to increase your blood flow and dilate arteries. The dilation reduces the chance of blood clots forming. That decreases your chances of cardiovascular disease and can even aid in preventing a heart attack.

2. Possible Increased Lifespan

While all of the polyphenols found in wine are great for your health, there is one in specific that can increase your lifespan. Resveratrol is an antioxidant. This means that it can help protect our cells and organs from damage.

Resveratrol has been found to increase the activeness of sirtuins. What are sirloins? They’re the protein that helps protect the body from the diseases of aging.

3. Cancer-Fighting Abilities

If you aren’t too sure of the specifics of cancer, let’s take a quick look. All the cells in your body go through cell division in order to grow, multiply, and repair. When these cells “go rogue”, they endlessly reproduce, forming tumors that can then affect the body negatively.

Because resveratrol has incredible anti-aging abilities and can help prevent cell damage, it’s possible it can help fight against cancer. Most studies however have been done on animals on those done on humans have yielded inconsistent results. Because of this, we aren’t sure how resveratrol can be used for future cancer treatment, but a few extra glasses of wine can’t hurt.

4. Better Skin

The start of the show is yet again, resveratrol. Its ability to increase blood flow in your system allows helps prevent the forming of wrinkles, helping you maintain a youthful look. So go ahead and grab another Kalamera wine cooler.

Not only will it prevent wrinkles, but wine can help decrease and prevent acne. This is because the antioxidants within slow down the growth of the bacteria that’s in the acne. A few other skin benefits include a brighter appearance and an elastic look.

5. Protects Your Teeth

So let’s get this straight. Wine doesn’t just stain your teeth? All jokes aside, wine can kill the bacteria that are found in your mouth.

This is because wine is fermented. Fermentation is a process in which glucose is broken down in the absence of oxygen. This cycle ultimately yields alcohol.

The polyphenols in the wine can slow down the bacteria that causes tooth decay and can also fight the build-up of plaque.

Health Benefits of Wine

While it may not seem like the most healthy thing in the world, the health benefits of wine are those that can greatly increase the state of your cardiovascular system while also providing you a youthful appearance. So be sure to drink a glass of wine or two every night!

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