Helpful Hints For A Handy Home Move

Home moving? In a word, it is the embodiment of stress. There isn’t much in life that is as stressful as moving home. However, there is help on hand, and we don’t just mean the moving vans! We’ve got some some handy hints for you to take as much of the stress out of moving as possible. Well, ideally.

Firstly, you can help yourself best by being organised. Get a checklist together and spend some actual time planning things out. If you don’t, you’ll get caught out. We don’t want that at all. Tell people you are moving (and the important folks – the ones you pay bills to) ahead of time.

Moving is complicated – so put all the things you are going to need for an overnight stop (much like a hotel) into a bag that you keep close. A change of clothes, chargers, electrics, a light, toiletries. This will make life a lot easier for you.


Extending on this, put the things you will need to unpack first into a clearly marked box – as the box to open first. This will have cookware, food, power leads, toilet paper and anything else you’d need right away in it. When you’re packing valuable breakables in these boxes, keep them safe and cushioned to ensure they are not broken.

As for labelling? Don’t just label the first box – label them all. We don’t want to know what is in them on the side of the box (get a ledger for that), just what room they are going into. This is to simplify the process for your removals in general. Label the sides and the tops of the boxes, so they are easily identified. Colour code them as well.This helps unpacking out, because you want to do it room by room to make it simpler and easier to deal with.

Clothes are hard to pack – but there are some handy tips. You can bag a whole wardrobe if you wrap from the bottom and collect the clothes, leaving the hangers on. This is incredibly quick and allows for instant setup of a new wardrobe. If you have old clothes, get them vacuum sealed to save on space.

If you do have help coming in, make sure you have everything ready to go. People are here to help you and you might test their patience if you are messing around. Professional help is a good idea as removals people can handle your valuables safely! For a long range move, call in interstate removalists – your friends can do something else in this instance. Plus, you might be covered if something goes wrong.

As for being organised, if you can – visit your new home and give it a clean before you move in. You should know by now that moving home is hard work. Make it a bit easier by spreading the workload out. If you can, move the toiletries and essentials in – just to make it a little easier.

Moving home is super stressful, but if you’ve read this article, you’re a step ahead and it should be easier.


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