Safe As Houses: Security Solutions For Every Homeowner

Your home should be your happy place. Sadly, although none of us want to think about it, being a victim of crime is a very real threat. The best thing to do to keep yourself and your home safe is to try and prevent burglaries. Failing that, you can invest in solutions that will help to minimise the emotional and financial impact.

Deterring thieves

The best outcome when it comes to burglaries is to prevent them from happening. You can increase your chances of doing this by making your home a difficult target. If you don’t have any security, this is as good as offering an open invitation for somebody to come in and have a look around. There are lots of different types of deterrents you can use, and some are much more sophisticated and expensive than others.

If you have gates or fences, this automatically makes breaking in a more difficult proposition. You can’t just park a car outside for a speedy getaway or casually walk up the driveway and bust a door open. You’ve got to scale that fence or work out a way to get through the electric gates without rousing suspicion, which isn’t easy. Burglar alarms, such as a centurylink security system, are another effective deterrent. The last thing a thief wants is to draw attention to themselves, so what better way to put them off than threatening them with a noisy greeting when they attempt to smash a window or break down the door. CCTV may be another option worth considering. The sight of a camera outside a house is likely to make thieves think twice.

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Fortifying your home

Some thieves don’t use the traditional techniques you’d associate with trying to break in and steal expensive items. You won’t always hear about a person attempting to pick a lock or prise a window open. Some use clever methods, like trying to sell things at the doorstep, to gain entry into the property. To protect you against opportunists who operate in this way, you could consider installing security screen doors, fitting a peephole or placing a small camera at the front door. Security doors provide that extra barrier between you and the other person and a camera will enable you to see who is at the door before you open it.

Many thieves access properties via the garden, so don’t just take steps to protect the front of your home. Make sure gates and fences are secure and ensure you keep valuable equipment, like power tools, outdoor toys, and lawnmowers in a locked shed.

Going mobile

In the past, the first thing you heard about a burglary at your home was probably from a phone call from the police. Now, thanks to advances in technology, you can keep an eye on your home at all times. You can buy systems that are linked to your phone and receive notifications immediately if the alarm is triggered.

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Everybody wants to feel safe in their home. If you’re worried about somebody breaking down your defences, why not toughen up your security now?



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