Holistic Teaching For Kids In Their Early Ages: Here’s How To Do It

The teaching patterns have changed a lot since ancient times. Now, the teaching is more practical and performance-based, which the child actually needs. Concerning the same, the concept of a holistic approach has been introduced. The holistic approach means developing the child as a whole beyond academic learning.

It gives an excellent chance to the children to explore things beyond their imagination and be active participants in every activity. Therefore, kids should be developed holistically from their toddler years. 

So, all the parents and teachers, are you up to know how to adopt a holistic approach in your children’s early childhood education? If yes, then dig deeper into the article and get all the answers. 

Fuel the imagination with expressive art – Let’s be honest; art is the perfect means to fuel a child’s imagination, thinking, and creativity. It gives way to the kid to explore an extensive range of materials and media. They can express themselves with art. 

Combining the approaches of art and design helps the young ones know themselves better and develop their own interests, which leads to their superior growth. 

Articulating words with speech and communication – It is no wonder that a kid needs a skill of clear communication and clearly articulating the words. The speech of the children should have clarity for seamless understanding.

What are the best methods to develop these skills among children? The answer is – with the help of reading, talking, and telling stories. Besides, don’t forget to rectify their mistakes if they are going wrong. And the only way to do this is by being a good listener. 

Developing literacy learning – Literacy learning means making the student able to decode the meaning through reading, writing, and visual representation. Good literacy learning helps the children with continuous improvements and leads to excellent professional growth. 

At the same time, providing a supportive environment to the children is also necessary. As per the experts at Story House Early Learning, a supportive, active learning environment, and responsive holistic programs enable children to follow their interests, and have a sense of achievement, while also thriving and having fun. It is needless to say that early literacy development is MUST for children as it paves the way for their bright future.

Motor skill development – Motor skills are the skills that enable muscle movement. It includes the components such as agility, coordination, power, balance, speed, and reaction time. All in all, these skills add strength and confidence to the bodies of the kids. The two types of motor skills are – Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor skills. 

Small movements using hands and fingers come under fine motor skills. It starts in the toddler years and goes on till the growing stages. Gross motor skills are the extended version. It includes the movement of almost the entire body, like arms, feet, legs. Examples of such activities are – running, dancing, and playing, etc.

To sum it up all

Believe it or not, a holistic approach is of utmost importance when you are assessing the needs of the children. With this, you can easily determine the early learning patterns and plan for their future, which will result in the overall development of their well-being. 

Lastly, Maria Montessori can’t be more when she said –

To assist a child, we must provide him with an environment that will enable him to develop freely.

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