3 Fun and Creative Party Favour Ideas for Adults

Are you planning an upcoming adult party and are thinking it would be fun to give your guests something to bring home with them? Party favours aren’t just for kids, and they can be a great gift for your guests to remind them of the amazing time that they had. 

For some party favour ideas for adults, keep reading. In this guide, there are swag bag ideas for adults that are perfect for all kinds of occasions. Find the best option for you below. 

1. The Ultimate Hangover Kit 

Are you planning an adult party with an open bar? If you’re hoping to have a party that goes until the late hours of the night, leaving your guest with a hangover kit is a great way to help them out the day after. If anyone overindulges, you can assist them with all the supplies they may need the next day. 

You can buy all the supplies you need in bulk and put the bags together yourself. Some great things to include are pain relief meds, hydration relief such as Gatorade, eye drops, and more. This is a great tongue-in-cheek gift that can also be incredibly helpful. 

A great addition to this gift is something to remember your party by, such as custom koozies that display the occasion, such as a wedding or birthday bash. If you’re wondering how tall is a soda can, head to the link for some measurements. 

2. Something Sweet

Are you into baking, or perhaps know a great baker in town? If so, leaving your guests with something sweet, whether homemade or not, is a great twist on the sweets in a kiddie goodie bag. Consider baking cookies that have frosting embellishments related to the party occasion. 

If you’re not much of a baker and you want to give sweets away that won’t go bad right away, consider ordering chocolate bars in bulk that allow you to create customizable wrappers that perhaps note the event or that thank your guests for attending. Sending your guests home with something sweet is an easy option that is sure to leave them smiling. 

3. Go Green 

A great way to give your guest something that is both decorative and practical is to give them a small plant, such as a succulent. This is a great way to give your party guests something that they can enjoy at home. Consider printing off copies of the plant’s care instructions and taping or tagging them to the plant or potter to ensure that the plant stays lively for weeks after your event. 

This can be an especially great idea for an event such as a bridal shower, baby shower, or wedding. 

Party Favor Ideas for Adults: Something for Everyone

As you can see, there’s no reason that kids are the only ones who should leave parties with a favor. Use these party favour ideas for adults to offer your guests a little something extra at your upcoming event. 

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