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Is Your Home Really Making You Happy?

We all dream of living in a home that makes us feel comfortable and content. But what if the reality is that your home isn’t making you happy? Sometimes, a move is on the cards, but don’t make any hasty decisions. Here are some options you could consider if home isn’t where your heart is.


Is your home stressing you out because you haven’t got around to finishing off paint jobs or turning the spare room into a study? Do you wish the kitchen was brighter or more modern or are you craving a bedroom that you can escape to and unwind after a busy day? If the reasons you don’t love your home are purely cosmetic, there is an easy solution. Before you think about moving, why not consider doing some DIY and redecoration? If you don’t want to do the work yourselves, get some quotes from local firms, and throw some ideas around. If you love the location and the feel of the house, making aesthetic changes could be all that is required to make you feel happy at home.

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Are you living on top of each other? Have you got children sharing bedrooms or are you tired of trying to contend with noisy kids while you’re watching TV? Sometimes, you can outgrow your home, and a lack of space can become a real issue. If you’ve had children or you’ve decided to start working from home, you may find that you require more space. One option is to move to a large house, but if you love your home, it may be worth considering adding an extension. An extension will give you the extra rooms you need without the upheaval of moving house. You can add a single or double storey extension depending on your preferences. If you need extra bedrooms or bathrooms, it’s best to go for a 2-storey extension.

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Moving home

If you’ve fallen out of love with your home, you’ve got bad memories from your time in that house, or you’re simply looking for a change, moving is probably your best bet. When you move, you can make a fresh start, and look forward to turning your new house into a home. There are lots of different options you can consider when moving. You may want to buy something like a new home with Enso homes which enables you to customise a design to suit you or you may prefer to buy something older, which offers more character. Take a look online, and register your interest with some agents. Organise some viewings, and if you have a shortlist, don’t be afraid to go back as many times as you need. Moving can be stressful, but it can make you much happier in the long-run, especially if you find the home of your dreams.

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If you’re not 100 percent happy with your home, it may be time to ring the changes. Weigh up your options, consider the pros and cons, and take time to make your decision.

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