Hosting A Garden Party That Everyone Will Remember

As the cost of going out to eat and drink rises, more and more of us are starting to entertain at home instead. In fact, entertaining at home has lots of benefits, which aren’t just saving money. You and your guests don’t have to get particularly dressed up, and the whole family can be involved, including children. If you have very young children, it is also much less stressful than taking them on an evening out where you may risk a public tantrum! Having a gathering or party at home can also just simply be a good way to catch up with friends, without any external distractions. If you are planning a get together with either friends or family, why not consider hosting a garden party?

If you want to make your garden an exciting and inviting place for your guests to relax it, you might need to get a little bit creative. You need to be aware of the time that you are likely to lose the last bit of natural light. After all, even in summer, the sun does go in at some point! Be prepared for this by investing in some in some outdoor floor lights to light the pathway back to your house. This is also a great way to ensure that you don’t have any accidents, in case it starts to get a bit damper at night. You can also hang lights in the trees and bushes around your garden – fairy lights in particular are good for this. Or, buy some brightly coloured glass candle holders and hang tea lights in the trees. It will soon feel like a fairytale wonderland!

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Keep people warm
As night falls, it may start to get a bit chilly around your garden. So that people can still stay outside to enjoy the stars, make sure you have things available for them to warm themselves up with. Consider getting an outdoor log burner for people to gather around for that true campfire feel. Or, electric heaters are just as good. Provide a selection of blankets for your guests to wrap themselves in and people will be more than happy to stay outside for the rest of the evening.


As much as each other’s company is all you really need for a good evening with good friends, it never hurts to have a little bit of entertainment on hand. If you don’t mind going a little cliche, encourage people to bring guitars and have a little sing song round the campfire. Or, if you want to up your game, consider getting a jacuzzi or inflatable hottub for your guests to enjoy – can offer some advice on which one could be right for you and your needs.
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Providing food
If your guests are coming over for the whole evening, there’s a strong likelihood that they are going to get hungry at some point. Barbeque food is perfect for outdoor entertaining, and means you can still be outside socialising with your guests whilst cooking. Lay out both meat and veggie options and make sure to serve on paper plates to save you washing up.

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