How To Make Delicious Spicy Veggie Hot Dogs

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These days it’s possible to eat hot dogs that don’t contain any meat in them. As you can imagine, that’s brilliant news for vegetarians everywhere! The trouble is; getting hold of veggie hot dogs in a grocery store can be a challenge.

The good news is you can make some at home yourself with a few simple ingredients! Follow this guide to make some spicy veggie hot dogs that even meat eaters will love! It’s also worth noting that it’s gluten-free as well. So if you suffer from a gluten intolerance, you can eat this too!

What you need

To make the hot dogs, you will need:

Two tablespoons of olive oil;
One cup of chopped mushrooms;
200 grams of chopped onions;
One teaspoon of garlic paste;
Two cups of rinsed black-eyed peas;
One tablespoon of sun-dried tomato paste;
One cup of gluten-free bread dough.

Then you need to gather some ingredients to make your veggie hot dogs spicy:

1.5 teaspoons of garlic powder;
1.5 teaspoons of crushed fennel;
Some black pepper, crushed;
Two teaspoons of paprika;
Half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes;
One teaspoon of carrageenan powder;
One teaspoon of oregano;
One teaspoon of basil.

Making the spicy veggie hot dogs:

The next part of the process is simple. Add all the ingredients together into a bowl! You then mix it all up and form hot dog shapes. You can then cook them for a few minutes under your grill!

If you want to make your hot dogs super spicy, you could also add a teaspoon of chili powder. Don’t forget to add the carrageenan powder, as it acts as a gluten substitute. Carrageenan is a natural ingredient made from red seaweeds, believe it or not! Here’s how it gets made, in case you wondered (see below):

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