How To Bring Your Garden Back To Life In Four Easy Steps

Has the fact that soon winter will be over made you obsessed with beautiful outdoor space? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Right now, we’re all a little crazy about gorgeous gardens. If the winter weather has left your backyard looking a little worse for wear, don’t stress. Regardless of how much of a state your garden is in, you can easily bring it back to life. To help you give your yard a new lease of life, we’ve put together a four-step guide.

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Step 1: Clean and declutter

First things first, it’s cleaning and decluttering time. You might think that you can’t clean and declutter a garden, but actually, that’s not the case. The chances are that over the winter, your yard has been filled with leaves, twigs and all sorts of other debris. You may even have a few pieces of litter here and there. So cleaning is definitely a must.

As for decluttering, go around your yard looking for any pieces of broken furniture of garden features that can go in the bin. Anything that you want to keep but doesn’t belong in the garden, such as spades and rakes, hang them up in your garage or shed. (If you don’t have a shed, now could be the perfect time to think about getting one.)


Step 2: Mow and trim

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Once you’ve cleaned and decluttered, the next step is to mow and trim your garden. Over the winter, you most probably haven’t spent much time cutting your lawn or trimming the weeds. So the chances are, you’ll have a big job on your hands.

If your garden is completely overgrown, instead of attempting to deal with it yourself, why not hire a gardener? Check out the services on offer at and have a browse. Sometimes, when gardens are badly overgrown, commercial equipment is needed to get them back in shape. Obviously, if you have the time and equipment to trim and mow your garden yourself, that’s fine. If not, however, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals.


Step 3: Give your deck or patio some TLC

Once the grass has been neatened up and the weeds got rid of, the next step is to give your deck or patio some TLC. Most gardens have either or, so it’s worth mentioning the importance of cleaning them after the winter.

If you’ve got a patio, the chances are that the winter weather has left it muddy and covered in debris. Using a pressure washer, clean the area, removing all marks and stains. If you’ve not got a pressure washer of your own, you can hire one from your local home store or borrow one from a friend. For decking, pressure washing is also advised, to remove any dirt and debris. To pressure wash your deck, follow the tips from Once you’ve washed it, follow by restaining the wood with a protective stain. (If you don’t regularly restain your decking, it will become prone to water damage and may rot.)


Step 4: Don’t forget the little touches

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Last but not least, focus on the little touches. When it comes to bringing your garden back to life, it’s not just about tidying and trimming. It’s also about the little touches that brighten up the space. Take the time to get some inspiration from places like


By getting inspiration, you can decide what type of style you’d like to create in your yard. For instance, by adding wooden furniture, lanterns, and crates full of flowers, you could create a relaxed, vintage vibe.


There you have it, the four essential steps for bringing your garden back to life.


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