How to Choose Perfume That Suits Your Unique Chemistry

We have all been there. You browse the perfume counter in the department store looking for the perfect scent that matches what you want. The only problem is that you aren’t sure what you need.

Certain perfumes may smell great on a friend but not smell the same on you. If you want to know how to choose perfume, we have some ideas. 

How to Choose Perfume

Sometimes friends wear different perfumes and we walk past them and the scent is amazing. It is the right blend of fresh and sweet mixed with an airy fruity smell. We ask them what brand it is and where they bought it.

Then we go and buy the same brand, dab a little on only to realize it smells nothing like what we remember. Choosing the right perfume does not have to be a science experiment. You have to be patient and pick one that complements your body chemistry. 

Patience Makes It Perfect

Perfumes have layers that settle and smell a little different an hour later than when you first spray them. If you want to know how to choose the best perfume, spray a little in the air and let it settle on to a small card, wait fifteen to twenty minutes, and sniff. If you still like it dab a little on your wrist or forearm and smell again an hour later. 

Now if you still like the smell that is a strong indication that you have found a good scent for you because perfumes often smell lighter once they have had time to settle. If you do not like the scent move on to a different one.

Knowing What You Like

You need to trust yourself. There are all kinds of perfumes out there to choose from but only you will know what is right for you. Do not overstress and remember to have fun with it. 

This is a process but it does not need to be a worry or a big task and it does not have to be expensive. Online shopping has never been easier than it is right now.

Knowing what you like is the key. Learn that and enjoy the process. 

Have Fun With It

Finding your perfect scent should be fun. Don’t look at it as a chore or something that has to drain your energy. When you choose the right perfume, you never have to change if you don’t want to. 

This will be your scent and the one that everyone thinks of when they see you. If you want to mix things up you will now easily find the right perfumes that work for you and not against you. Knowing how to choose perfume makes it simple and fun. 

Try out different kinds of fragrances and see what mixes with your body chemistry. It doesn’t take long to find what works for you. Read our other articles for more tips!

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