5 Easy Snack Ideas to Take on the Road

Whether you’re on the road or bolting to your next flight, it’s easy to skip meals while traveling. As a result, many people wait until they’re starving to grab whatever junk food is closest to them. Not only does this mean spending more money, but it also means your choices are more likely to add inches onto that waistline. This is why incorporating easy snack ideas is the best way to keep the whole family satisfied.

Still not sure which snacks should make the cut? Read on for five easy ideas to help you get started.

What to Keep in Mind for Your Easy Snack Ideas

When planning your delicious snack ideas, there’s more to keep in mind than flavor. You want to be sure the snacks are meeting the nutritional needs of your family, are portable, and aren’t likely to make a big mess.

Snacks rich in protein are always a great choice as they can help keep you satiated until your next meal. If you plan on incorporating carbs choose quality whole grain products that can give you the fiber you need for the day.

You can utilize fruits as a way to give yourself a much-needed energy boost, especially when that “mid-day slump” kicks in.

1. Turkey and Chicken Wraps

Turkey and chicken wraps are light, protein-packed and can be easily taken on the go. They can be customized enough to suit everyone’s flavor preference and can go hours without having to be refrigerated.

Wrapping them in corn tortillas or veggie tortillas is a great way to get in an extra serving of clean grains, which will keep you fuller longer.

These are also a great way to utilize leftover dinner meats to save you from spending extra money on groceries or wasting food.

2. Breakfast Parfaits

Thank goodness for mason jars. By throwing some granola, fresh fruit and yogurt into a mason jar before bed you have a ready to go breakfast parfait waiting for you in the morning.

Another benefit of this snack choice is that there are so many flavors and toppings to mix and match, you won’t get bored of incorporating it into your weekly meal rotation.

3. A Protein Shake

Got a sweet tooth? Protein shakes can be decadent, filling, and with the help of a handy shaker cup, they can even be portable. In fact, a hot tip for those eating healthy on the go is to always keep a shaker bottle with some protein powder and a nut butter packet ready to go.

Today many coffee shops and grocery stores having single servings of almonds and coconut milk that you can add to the bottle, shake it up, and wah-lah! An instant healthy meal.

Bonus: If you’re looking for another smart way to incorporate protein powder, try overnight oats. These easy jars of goodness can be made ahead and have enough fiber and protein to keep you full all day.

4. Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

Sometimes your day needs a little chocolate. Before heading to the vending machine to get your chocolate fix, try keeping some trail mix on hand with bits of dark chocolate thrown in.

The trick is to have an even balance of nuts, oats, and seeds in the trail mix with sweet items like dark chocolate, coconut flakes or dried fruits. These snacks help keep your blood sugar in check and will reduce the chance of cravings happening later in the day.

Don’t forget, dark chocolate has been found to have many health benefits, so don’t deny yourself the ability to indulge here and there.

5. Hummus and Veggies

Carrots, bell peppers slices, and celery are nature’s most portable snacks. Pais this crunch selection with creamy Mediterranean style hummus and you have the perfect snack.

Not to mention that you’ll be getting plenty of proteins from those chickpeas, and beneficial omega-3’s from the olive oil.

Bonus: Healthy Snacks for Kids

Sometimes it takes a little extra creativity to get your kiddos to love healthy snacks as much as you do. You can start by making clever substitutions for some of their favorite foods.

Blending avocado, maple syrup, bananas, and cacao powder makes a creamy chocolate pudding that’s as tasty as the original with way more health benefits.

You can even make “Hulk nuggets” by shredding bits of broccoli and cauliflower, mixing them with eggs and breadcrumbs and shaping into nugget shapes before cooking. The more you play and experiment the easier it will become to incorporate essential nutrients into your child’s favorite snacks.

Once our kiddo has gotten comfortable with the idea that they are eating broccoli (if ever), you can even have them help you in the kitchen for bonding time and a lesson on how to make healthy food.

More Answers, Fewer Excuses

Finding easy snack ideas is one smart step towards taking control of your health. However, there are still a number of areas where your health can benefit from the right tips.

Whether it’s working out or planning the perfect, clean, dinner party, you’ll find a number of articles on our website designed to help you live your best life. With a little practice, you’ll find these new habits can dramatically enhance your energy and overall happiness.

Ready to learn more about tapping into better health for you and your family? Check out our wellbeing section for more information on how to get started.

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