How to Choose the Commercial Pest Control Services in Brisbane?

Brisbane draws people from far and wide. Unfortunately, its conducive climatic conditions also provide an excellent breeding ground for numerous insects and other pests. It is common for these insects to invade your home at some point. While quite a few insects might not be harmful, their presence is not a pleasant feeling. The common pests found in Australian homes are ants, termites, bees, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and many more. 

The presence of pests can adversely impact the health of the family members, employees, and pets and cause severe damage to the property’s structural integrity. Furthermore, it may bring down the employees’ productivity at workplaces and leave a negative impression on the clients. In addition, pests can be a nuisance for the service industry, especially food and hospitality.  

If you are concerned about the growing pest menace in your property and looking for commercial pest control Brisbane, consider below mentioned factors while choosing one. 

Is the Company Licensed and Insured? 

Depending on the pests in your property, the pest control company will use chemical and non-chemical treatments to eliminate the problems. It is essential to ensure that the company providing pest control services has the mandated license to offer safe service and ensure complete peace of mind. Also, one needs to keep in mind if they can provide a safe, family-friendly treatment for your family, employees, workforce, and pets. Food and hospitality need to be extra careful of the type of treatment used by the company. 

Is the Company Willing to Guarantee Results? 

A professional pest control company will thoroughly inspect the property and look for the infested areas, pest types, and source. Based on the inspection results, they should be able to provide customised treatment for the property. The company you choose should guarantee results and provide free retreatment if the problems do not subside in the stipulated time. This ensures that in case some source has been missed, they are taken care of while retreatment. 

Is the Company Providing APCA and TAFE Certified Technicians? 

It is essential to check if the technicians provided by the pest control company are certified by the APCA and TAFE. Additionally, the technicians need to have adequate experience to handle residential, industrial, and commercial clients. A local technician who knows Ant and termite moulds existing in your area could be an added advantage. The representatives should provide transparent and friendly service. Professional pest control companies will be keen to provide an obligation free quote. 

Is the Company Promising Cost-Effective and High-Quality Protection? 

While choosing a pest control service, the cost will be an essential consideration; however, it should not be the only consideration. If cost-effectiveness is not backed by high-quality service, it could turn out to be a costly proposition in the long run. Also, one needs to check the pest control companies’ timelines and provide services according to your schedule. A few companies will have local teams deployed to mobilise for faster resolution of your pest related concerns. 


Considering the wide variety of pest infestations that could occur, choosing your pest control service provider with care is vital. A company which can meet your requirements and guarantee you a hundred per cent results will be ideal for your needs. A good pest control company will not only ensure that the pests are eliminated, but they will also create barriers to cease the re-entry of the pests and give you complete peace of mind.  

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