What Your Kids Dentist in Brisbane Says About Teeth Grinding?

While teeth grinding in children is not as bad as it looks, parents need to be aware of certain things. 

Teeth grinding in Grownups could be due to various reasons like Temper, and Anxiousness and many more. However, an infant grinding tooth has a different story to tell. It is not regarding rage or fears up until they get older. So, what does it indicate when your child or kid grinds their teeth? Here is what kids dentist Brisbane would want parents to know. 

Why is My Baby Grinding Her Teeth? 

As described by medical professionals, teeth grinding, or Bruxism, is typical in babies, with almost 50 per cent of them doing it at some point. Most youngsters grind their teeth as a matter of discovery. The simple discovery that they can hone their teeth is one reason children grind their teeth. This inquisitiveness typically starts when they turn ten months when a child’s top and lower front teeth have developed. Then, they try to figure out what is taking place in their mouth as it starts to feel different. 

While teeth grinding may not be a severe concern for kids, it is essential to get in touch with the dentist to identify the specific reason for teeth grinding. 

When is Baby Teeth Grinding a Concern? 

In some instances, teeth grinding could be indicative of something serious, like apnea. For example, troubled breathing could lead to the body activating mouth muscles to restore control of the air passage to maintain it open, which results in the grinding of teeth. Therefore, if your child snores more than usual, breathes through their mouth, or stops briefly in their breathing. At the same time, they sleep, you must inform your primary care provider so they can examine your kid for sleep apnea. 

As kids grow older, stress and anxiety could also lead to the grinding of teeth. Emotions like rage, disappointment, sadness, or embarrassment can lead to teeth grinding. Parents require to focus on how their children react to stress. 

What Can Parents Do About Kids Grinding Teeth? 

If your child cannot get past the tooth grinding phase independently or if their grinding is consistent, then dental degeneration could happen due to prolonged grinding. Therefore, you need to keep your dentist informed; they will guide you if the problem requires medical intervention. 

It is difficult to recommend a mouthguard with children because it may disrupt primary teeth from falling out or the eruption of permanent teeth. Tooth grinding, nevertheless, is absolutely nothing to fret about. However, it is one of the many reasons you need to take your child to the dentist like this trustworthy dentist in white plains even before their first teeth erupt. 


Like most pediatric dental issues, the dentist is the best person to deal with tooth grinding if they can identify the problem early on. In most cases, grinding or Bruxism will go away with time if it persists. However, suppose the kid is grinding the teeth consistently. In that case, it could have a degenerative effect on the teeth enamel, and it is best to consult the pediatric dentist. 

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