How to Colour Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

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Colouring your hair is not a simple process as it may seem, it requires time and patience. A wrong move and you can end up damaging your hair permanently. That is why we have decided to share some hair colouring tips and techniques, after all we have done it quite a few times and have come out with no regrets. We hope the tips and techniques in this blog are helpful to you and please keep coming your way to learn more about everything related to the field of beauty care and hair care.

Hair coloring tools

Well, there are many tools you will need to colour your hair at home. The first one is a hair colour product of your choice. You can either buy a colour from a salon or from a store. The second tool is a dyeing brush, which is used in applying the colour. The third tool you will need is a plastic cape to cover your body. The fourth tool is gloves to protect your hands while you colour your hair. The fifth tool to buy is a bowl to mix the colour in.

Choose appropriate hair colour

If you have decided to colour your hair, think about a colour that compliments your skin tone and eye colour. If you have naturally dark hair, you can choose any colour. You can pick a colour that’s lighter or darker than your natural colour. If you have naturally fair hair, you can choose any colour. You should avoid colours that are too dark or too bright. You can also choose a colour that has the same tone as your natural hair, or a shade that’s lighter or darker. Don’t go for extreme contrasts. For example, if you have dark hair, choose a red or a dark brown, not a bright orange. If you have light hair, you can go for a dark brown or a red. If you have red hair, you can go for a dark brown or a light-coloured red. If you have white or grey hair, you can go for any colour except purple, blue or green.


If you’re going to try to colour your hair at home, you’re going to need basic supplies. This includes a good pair of hair colouring gloves, a colouring brush and a plastic cap to cover your hair. With these things, you’re ready to get started! First, you’ll want to wash and dry your hair. This will remove any dirt or natural oils that might affect the colour results. Next, take your hair colouring product and apply it to your hair. You’ll want to make sure that you completely saturate your hair with the colour. You should divide your hair into sections, and then apply the product to one section at a time. Make sure you follow the directions on the hair colouring product.

Strand test

With a strand test, you have the chance to get a small patch of hair coloured, and then observe how your hair reacts to the colour that you have chosen. This allows you to determine if your hair will be able to handle the colour. You can do a strand test with any hair colouring products you may want to use.

Protect your hairline

Prevent any unsightly staining along the hairline with a barrier product like Vaseline. Colour will not be able to penetrate this protective coating and it’s good to know that if you happen to get any hair dye on your skin and shirt, you can easily wipe it away with your makeup remover cleansing cloth.

Apply hair colour

The best way to get the most accurate application is to section your hair into different areas and apply the hair colour to each one. Sectioning your hair makes it easier to choose a colour that will suit your skin tone. It also allows you to apply colour to only the hair that you want and avoid the areas you don’t. There are a few ways you can section off your hair. One way is to use a hair clip to hold the hair out of the way. Or, you can use a comb to pull your hair into different sections. Both of these methods will allow your hair colour to reach your hair roots and saturate your hair evenly. You can also use your hands to separate your hair. This method is especially useful if you have a hard time finding hair products that offer a wide enough separation between your hair.

Why is it better to colour your hair in the salon?

While it may seem easier to colour your hair at home, is it actually worth it? While it might be convenient to do it yourself, you don’t want to risk it turning out badly, or even worse, risking your health by using cheap products. So if you’re looking for a professional service, here is why it’s better to colour your hair in a hair salon. Colour Consultation You’re not just paying for the hair colour – you’re paying for the expert opinion of your stylist. They know what would work best with your hair type, skin tone, and lifestyle says hairdressers Fredericton. They’ll be able to advise you on how often to colour your hair, what products to use, and what colours will suit you best.


So now you know the ins and outs of dying your hair at home. You may not be an expert, but you’re well on your way to being a professional. If you follow my advice, you’ll have no problem creating a beautiful new shade for yourself. I also provided some tips to help you prevent any staining. Good luck!

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