The Hottest Season: Summer Fashion Trends Every Woman Needs to Know

How are you staying sane during COVID-19

It may seem like a weird question, but people are coping with the new normal in different ways including picking up or rediscovering new hobbies. These include sewing, baking, gardening, painting, and so on, but what if your interests lie elsewhere?

What if what you really want to do is show how well you can put an outfit together, especially now that summer’s just around the corner? 

Well, just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean there’s no sense in dressing up anymore. With these 2022 summer fashion trends, you might feel inspired enough to go on a shopping spree (online, of course) and post some OOTDs for your Instagram followers.

Short Shorts Are Out, Bermudas Are In

Bermuda shorts are one of the best summer fashion trends for this year. From super casual to fancy, longer shorts are versatile pieces that pair well with sneakers or heels.

You can even wear them to the office, that is if you’re given the go-signal to return to work this summer. It looks great with a white shirt and some square-toed heels.

And the Official Color of Summer Is…Butter Yellow

Is there anything more summery than the colour yellow, particularly butter yellow? If you’re a fan, grab this chance to add more butter yellow items such as summer dresses, linen shirts, shorts, and more to your wardrobe.

Now, if you don’t think you can pull off yellow, don’t worry. You can stick to your summer staples and use this summery shade for a pop of colour. A great pair of walkable heels in butter yellow can easily bring your more basic pieces to life.

Drawstring Everything 

Summer fashion trends for women come and go, but for some reason, drawstrings seem to be always around. Staying at home may have something to do with it as most of us just want to be comfortable even while working.

The good news is when everyone’s ready to go out, drawstrings will still be comfortable with the added bonus of being stylish. Plus, you’re not limited to drawstring pants. Try rocking a crop top with a drawstring detail or a dress cinched with a neon drawstring. 

More 2022 Summer Fashion Trends

Aside from Bermuda, butter yellow dresses, drawstring crop tops, etc., other summer fashion trends that you’ll see more of this year include Victorian sleeves, torso ruching, sheer layers, and more.

If you’re a fashion newbie, don’t feel pressured to incorporate all these trends in your daily outfits. You can experiment, but don’t let your style be dictated by trends. It’s better to develop your own fashion sense and have a thorough understanding of what works for you.

Want More Fashion Tips and Advice? 

Now that you know some of the biggest 2022 summer fashion trends, are you ready to go shopping?

If yes, great, but if you need more fashion tips and advice, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts. We have tons of articles about fashion, beauty, food, relationships, family, and more.

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