How to Create an Inspiring Workplace


If you’re an employer, ‘high productivity’ is most likely one of your management goals. You know the financial value that a productive workforce has. You also know that by having a good reputation as an employer of choice, you’ll continually attract top talent. So here’s a look into one of the major aspects of building a motivated and productive workforce: creating an inspirational workplace.

An Organised Workplace


When you walk into a cluttered, messy room, how does it make you feel? Stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated or irritated? Our physical surroundings play a major role in our mood, sense of belonging, motivation and productivity. A tidy, organised workplace is fundamental to inspiring your staff to be productive. It’s also critical to projecting a professional image to customers and visitors. By having loads of storage space and ensuring everything has a ‘home’, you’ll also boost productivity by allowing staff to easily access items they need in their day-to-day work. This will also make records management much easier, allowing important documents to be easily accessible to everyone who uses them.

A Clean Workplace


A workplace should be tidy and organised, but it must also be clean. This is particularly important if your employees are working in air-conditioned offices. When you put a lot of people into a building that has air recirculating throughout, it’s critical to reduce as much airborne pollutants, dust and dirt as possible. You’ve probably heard of the term ‘sick building syndrome’. This occurs when internal air quality is so poor that staff experience recurrent sickness. The resulting level of absenteeism immediately impacts your bottom line and significantly reduces the energy, motivation and morale of your workforce. As we all know, the most valuable asset of any company or organisation is its human capital, so make sure you look after your people by providing the cleanest possible workplace.

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A Pleasant Workplace


One of the easiest ways to create a workspace that staff enjoy spending time in is to provide dedicated lunch rooms and other smaller areas where people can simply take a break. In order for people to be productive throughout the day, they need to be able to unwind and allow their brains to ‘defrag’.

The social aspect of work is also immensely important. Providing areas where staff can step out of work mode is vital to creating a cohesive and cooperative workforce. This will help to build an inclusive culture where people feel like they belong.

Make these spaces bright and cheerful and provide staff with good kitchen facilities such as adequate fridge space, crockery and cutlery. Indoor plants are also a great way to make a workplace feel welcoming and they have the added advantage of improving air quality. Since we spend more time at work than we do at home, it’s really important that people like their workspace and feel comfortable within it.

Creating an inspirational workplace is essential to boosting staff morale, productivity and loyalty and continually attracting talented new staff. The principles are pretty simple and you’ll be amazed at the results.

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