How to Find Your Personal Style Without Going Out

If going out was a big part of your pre-covid lifestyle, then the pandemic has likely had a major impact on your habits. Suddenly, those Friday night sojourns became a complete impossibility. Not only does staying in your house or apartment all the time get boring, but it also makes it harder to flex your fashion muscles. That’s why the pandemic has been especially tough on bonafide fashionistas.

With the return to normal still beyond the horizons of the near future, it’s time to accept the present circumstances and insist that you’ll continue to prioritize style even without going out. Just because the clubs and bars are closed, you don’t have to wear the same ratty sweatpants every day. By recalibrating your expectations to the realities of the present moment, you can be just as stylish as ever before while rarely leaving your home. Here’s how to develop your personal style in the midst of a pandemic and keep rocking your favourite styles.

Branch Out and Try Exciting New Looks
While having to stay at home might seem like a serious curtailment of liberties, it might actually be the shift that sets your fashion sense free. When you’re planning on going to a fashionable club, bar, or party, you’re keenly aware of other people’s opinions about your outfit and accessories. As you look at yourself in the mirror, you worry more about what other people will think than you do about your own opinion. This might force you to be more conservative than you would otherwise choose to be. It stifles originality and compels you to go along with the current trends.

When you’re only dressing for yourself and a few close friends, all these apprehensions melt away. Suddenly, your own opinion is the only one that matters. This can prove remarkably liberating, allowing you to experiment in ways you never would have considered before. It doesn’t matter if a certain that isn’t in keeping with current trends, or if your shoes seem a little garish for a typical dance floor. You’re in your own home, and your own sensibilities are all that matter.

Bring Comfort and Style Under the Same Umbrella
In the pre-pandemic world, lots of people separated “comfortable home clothes” and “stylish going out clothes” into two distinct categories. This meant sweatpants, sweaters, and ugly socks were reserved for home, while high heels, tight pants, and suffocating collars were for the club. The pandemic has blurred the lines separating these categories.

Nowadays, you probably want both comfort and style while spending time at home. Nobody wants to go months on end without looking their best, meaning those baggy sweats with the spaghetti sauce stains can’t be the pants du jour forever. At the same time, forcing yourself into super right, restrictive “going out” clothes feel silly when you’re not planning on going any farther than the bathroom. The best way to remedy this situation is by finding clothes that make you look just as good as you feel. Be on the lookout for comfy clothes that accentuate your style and fashionable clothes that cushion your body like a bathrobe. That way, you can be stylish and comfortable at the very same time.

Don’t Be Afraid To “Overdress”

In the old days, wearing a stylish dress for a small get-together or for a trip to the grocery store would have felt ridiculous. After all, who needs to rock their best outfits for such low-key occasions when Friday night is just around the corner? These days, however, those Friday nights have disappeared, giving you every excuse to dress up for formerly “not so special” occasions.

These days, there are no special occasions. This lack of weddings, parties, and nights out doesn’t mean you have to banish your well-dressed persona until the pandemic has passed. All it does is give you permission to wear your most stylish clothes whenever you feel like it. In such strange times as these, there’s no harm in looking fabulous while running out to the ATM. You’re likely to find someone similarly dolled up in line, a fellow fashionista making the best of the situation.

Have Fashionable Mini-Parties With Your Friends
Just because larger parties are off limits, you don’t have to forego fashionable evenings altogether. As long as local regulations allow for it, consider having just a few close friends over for drinks, music, or movies. It’s likely that they, too, would enjoy an opportunity to try out new styles and look their best.

Just be clear from the beginning that the get-together is meant to be an opportunity for dressing up. You wouldn’t want one friend to show up in sweats or leggings and feel immediately betrayed. If you set the tone early, then everyone should be able to enjoy a fashionable evening.

If Necessary, Go Virtual
As much as you’d like to enjoy a small gathering, the circumstances might not always allow for it. If you’re especially susceptible to the virus or are living in an area with strict quarantine measures, then you might have to avoid physical get-togethers. Consider going to an on Women’s clothing store together and look at cute styles without going out. All the same, you can still enjoy a night of fashion with friends. You just have to make the event virtual.

Use social media and messaging applications to plan a digital gathering with your friends. Make it clear that you’re eager to dress up, and that the virtual party will provide everyone with an opportunity to look their best. While such an event might seem a little strange, it is much better than nothing. After all, your personal style works best when it’s seen by others.

The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of daily life, and fashion is certainly no exception. Traditional norms have been temporarily halted and going out is no longer an option. With that being said, you can still find your personal style and make the most of your fashion sensibilities. Follow the tips mentioned above to stay glamorous throughout the pandemic. 

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