How To Make An Amazing Cup of Kratom Tea

Are you looking for a perfect stress-buster after a long day at work? Or do you want something aside from your regular tea that can soothe and calm you? Then your best bet is a cup of kratom tea.

Kratom tea comes from kratom leaves that you steep in boiling water. Unlike your regular tea options, kratom works like a stimulant akin to opioids to a certain extent. 

Though controversy surrounds kratom, it’s very much legal in the United States. With proper dosage, one can enjoy its many benefits safely. And if you’re looking to give kratom tea a try, you need to learn how to make that perfect cup.

But how do you do it? Continue reading below for a guide on how to make kratom tea the right way.

Prepping the Kratom Tea Ingredients

Enjoying an amazing cup of kratom tea begins with the right ingredients. First, you need to get some kratom powder. To enjoy the best results, it is wise to get your Kratom powder from excellent sources like Etanicals.

You also need to prepare around 2 to 4 cups of water. Using more water dilutes the taste. Nevertheless, as long as you consume the right dosage, you will enjoy its calming benefits regardless of the amount of water you use.

Also, prepare some lemon juice in a clean container. You want to soak your tea in lemon juice before brewing. This ensures that all the alkaloids from the tea will come out. 

Additionally, you can use some honey on the side as a natural sweetener. 

Using a Tea Kettle

There are different ways of preparing a cup of kratom tea. First, let’s discuss the tea kettle method. This is the simplest way of preparing your first-ever kratom teacup.

You want to heat your water inside a tea kettle until it reaches a gentle simmer.

Thereafter, put some of your kratom powder into your mug or teacup. When you hear the kettle whistling, give it a few more seconds before pouring the water over your kratom powder.

Gently stir your cup to keep clumps from forming. The key to perfecting the tea kettle method is to pour the water when it’s no longer boiling. 

As for the remaining powder, store it accordingly for future use.

Through a Stovetop

Another simple yet effective way of preparing kratom tea is through your stovetop. To pull this off, soak your kratom powder in a mixture of lemon with a little bit of water. Leave the mixture for about 15 minutes.

Like with the tea kettle method, heat your water until it reaches a mild simmer. Make sure not to heat the water too much, as it will kill the kratom’s alkaloids. Fewer alkaloids reduce the kratom’s efficacy.

Take your kratom-lemon mixture and add it to the water from the stove. Let it simmer for another 15 minutes. When you see the tea turning into vibrant yellow, it means your drink is ready. 

Slowly pour the tea into your cup but use a strainer when pouring. This will help preserve the powder, which you can use in your next future cups.

Be sure to stir your tea gently. You want to eliminate any powder clumps before adding your honey or other sweeteners.

Your Coffee Maker

You can also use your trusty coffee maker for your kratom tea. Put some of your kratom powder into a coffee filter. Much like with your regular coffee, pour the right amount of water that you need.

Turn on the coffee maker and let it do its magic. Moreover, you can use the remaining powder in the filter for a second round.

In case you want to enjoy your kratom tea cold, place it inside your refrigerator to cool it down.

Other Uses

Aside from drinking kratom tea the old-fashioned way, there are many other uses for your kratom powder. One interesting kratom tea recipe is the apple sauce. 

Simply add some of your kratom powder into your apple sauce mixture and enjoy it with your desserts and other dishes.

The great thing about apple sauce is it provides enough sweetness that will dilute the bitterness of kratom. 

You can also add kratom powder to your favorite smoothies. But the key is to make sure that your smoothie comes with lots of sweet fruits. This is crucial if you wish to subdue the bitter taste. 

Kratom is so flexible that you can mix it with any smoothie that you want. You can have pineapple, avocado, or berry smoothies with a dash of kratom. 

And if you love yogurt, you can add kratom powder to your creamy delight. Since yogurt comes with a sweet and creamy texture, kratom’s bitterness will provide that perfect contrast.

But some people are not fond of taking kratom in powder form. Some choose to go closer to kratom’s natural form by chewing on kratom leaves.

Going for kratom leaves yields many benefits. Chewing helps you absorb all the compounds faster. And the act of chewing gives that meditative effect. 

The key is to enjoy the bitterness and the juices that come out as you chew on the leaves.

Key Considerations

There are also key factors you need to consider when taking kratom tea. First, you need to brew your kratom powder within the right period. Brewing for a minute or two longer will result in an acidic and bitter taste.

Though it is still safe to drink, you may find it hard to swallow. Thankfully, it’s safe to add sweeteners to your kratom tea.

Another is proper stirring. You want to stir your tea thoroughly. This is the key to preventing clumps from forming. 

Last but not least, you need to find the right dosage. The key is not to exceed 2 servings within 24 hours. 

For starters, it is best to go with a small dose before gradually increasing. Keep in mind that kratom overdoses are hard to spot.

Increase Your Brewing Prowess

Now that you know how to brew kratom tea at home, you can enjoy its many benefits anytime you want. As long as you brew the right way, you can be sure of its safety and efficacy. 

And if you wish to learn how to brew other herbs, the key is to continuously increase your knowledge. Read our other articles and blog posts and increase your brewing prowess.

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