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How To Give The Neon Effect To Your Living Space

When it comes to home decor, lighting is one element that deserves to be on top of your checklist. You may have the trendiest paint colors and the most luxurious furniture pieces, but only good illumination can get them the attention they deserve. Neon is the latest lighting trend that homeowners are falling for. But you must embrace it with care while following the rule of “less is more”. Even as you cannot go too subtle with the neon hues, you must ensure that you are not too loud with them as well. It is vital to create just the right effect with the right amount of light and color. Here are some ways you can achieve it for your living space.

Contrast with a dark wall

The best place to display neon lights is on the living room walls, though you can have them around the house. These lights make a great combination with dark-colored walls because dark shades accentuate the bright hues effortlessly. Capture the blend to add a personality to the walls and bring a pop of color to your living space. Switch off the lights, and the room gets the ultimate party vibes you want for a fun-filled event or a festive gathering. Your guests will never have a dull moment when the party space is illuminated with the brightest hues.

Get creative with custom signs

If you want to go the extra mile with the neon effect, try working with custom signs in addition to the bright lights. The custom trend is in vogue, so you can easily order these signs online. Get a unique custom neon sign for each room to give your place a personal touch. Get creative as you order custom options because there is much you can play with. Think classy for the living room, romantic for the bedroom, and pretty for the nursery. You can even experiment with custom options for your kitchen, dining area, and outdoor space. It is a good idea to have event-specific signs if you have party plans at home.

Highlight your favorite items

Neon lights are great for highlighting your favorite decorative elements. You only have to place it at the back of an item to make it the centerpiece of your space. Accentuate an expensive painting you want to flaunt or perk up your family gallery wall with this lighting idea. You can even install neon lights under the furniture to add a warm glow to the room and get all eyes on the tastefully hand-picked pieces. Try creating a play area or reading nook in your kid’s room by installing neon lights and signs creatively. The best part is that these lights cost a little but bring a luxurious feel to a simple and boring space. 

The popularity of the neon lighting trend is well-deserved because it serves a perfect blend of aesthetics, innovation, and versatility. You only have to be creative enough, and you can make the most with this incredible decor option.

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