The 6 Best Jewellery Cleaning Products on the Market

Your jewellery is the best way to show your style and personality. But over time, our beloved jewellery pieces become rusted. 

Luckily, jewellery cleaning products exist and can make your jewellery appear brand new again. Keep reading to learn more about different jewellery cleaners.

1. Hagerty 7-Ounce Silver Cleaner

This ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is great for all of your silver pieces. It can quickly remove tarnish, grime, and stains. 

The instructions are also fairly easy and beginner-friendly. All you do is dump your jewellery in the mixture for a few seconds, then rinse, and lastly, pat dry with a soft cloth.

2. Caribbean Gem Banana & Coconut Oil Jewellery Cleaner

If you’ve been looking for jewelry cleaning products that are chemical-free, look no further. This cleaner is made with natural banana and coconut materials, but it’s still a very strong cleaner.

This cleaner is great for all different types of jewellery and is easy to use! You don’t need to dilute the product; you simply just soak and rinse your jewellery.

3. Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth Jewellery Cleaner

This ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is the best product for silver jewellery, especially chains and rings. This product promises a great shine and polish after usage.

Not to mention, this kit uses 100% natural cotton fibre, which is a natural carbon resource. You don’t even have to wet your jewellery, as this is a dry cleaning product. Just apply the cleaner and begin to polish and clean with a soft cloth.

4. Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik

This product is great for all the diamond lovers out there. It’s a solo stick that polishes and cleans your diamonds within seconds. This product can be used for diamonds, stones, and gold jewellery.

The formula is made with polymer, which is a strong solution. And the cleaner is a micro-fine mixture so you never have to worry about scratching during the cleaning process. 

5. Combination Ultrasonic & Steamer Kit

If you’re looking for the best jewellery cleaner for multiple jewellery products, then this kit has you covered! It comes with a state-of-the-art machine cleaner that gives the best cleaning results.

This kit can clean gold, silver, diamonds, and even platinum jewellery! The machine itself has high-pressure steam that can remove just about anything.

And it works in two parts: the first part scrubs grime away with powerful sound waves, while the second part steams away any remaining dirt or grime. This kit can be used in professional settings or for home usage.

6. Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel

This gold jewellery cleaner is ammonia-free and can work on other jewellery as well. However, it’s not recommended for silver jewellery. Nevertheless, this cleaner can deliver immediate results. 

Unlike traditional cleaners, this formula is gel-based! And the cleaner comes with a great brush so you can remove dirt and grime properly.

Use the Best Jewellery Cleaning Products

Now that you know about different jewellery cleaning products, you’ll always look your best. So say goodbye to rusted necklaces and rings, and let your jewellery shine.

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