How to Keep Your Laundry Fashionable and Functional

Whether you like it or not, laundry is a large part of our daily lives. Every day we make more dirty washing to do later and more time spent in the laundry room. Why not make your time more efficient and enjoyable? Have you considered revamping your laundry room to make it a place you enjoy spending time? Here are a few tips to keep your laundry room both fashionable and functional.

Drying cabinet

If you are looking to save space and utilise a more energy efficient means to dry your clothes, consider purchasing a drying cabinet. Drying cabinets, like those sold by laundry appliance companies such as ASKO, offer a great way to getting your clothes dry in a very short amount of time. Different to a traditional dryer, a drying cabinet allows you to hang your clothes to dry instead of using a tumbler dryer. Hanging your clothes to dry decreases the chance of wrinkles and getting the clothes tangled.

Bench space

Laundry spaces are more user friendly and comfortable when there is sufficient bench space. A sizeable bench allows you to sort and fold with ease. A clean counter top that runs the length of room makes the space look more spacious. Try to pick a benchtop with an industrial look that will hide dust and dirt. A laundry room should look great, but also be functional – choose a counter that suits your personal style.

Matching appliances

Laundry rooms should match. When buying appliances, choose the same colour, style, and brand. Most brands make appliances that can be purchased to match. When you buy a washing machine, dryer, or even a drying cabinet, choose the same colour and related machine. The room will look more complete when all appliances match.

Stylise Your Laundry

Choose a colour scheme for your laundry room that suits your personal style. Pick colours that will make your laundry vibrant or easy on the eyes, depending on your personal preference. A laundry room is an extension of the rest of your home. While you will not be entertaining guests here, the room itself is an important aspect of your daily life.

Of course,  products you use everyday can be stylish and coordinate too, like baskets and ironing boards. Hills (known for the famous Hills Hoist) has a large range of laundry products. With a focus on combining the quality and functionality the brand is known for with stylish design, the range includes attractive laundry baskets, hampers, space saving airers and ironing boards.

Make organising easy

Utilise the entire space of your laundry room. This includes the space below, but also above the appliances and counter space. Use height in the space to install cabinets and shelves. Cabinets can double as space for linens and whatever detergents you need. Organisational spaces in your laundry room do not have to be just for laundry, but can provide you additional storage for other items in your home.

Your laundry room is is often tucked away in your home but you can end up spending a lot of time there. Make your laundry both fashionable and functional by restyling the interior using any of the suggestions listed here. What are your tips for keeping your laundry fashionable and functional?

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