How to Maintain Waterproof Shade Sails

Shade sails can be a real boon to your space. Apart from the numerous benefits they offer, the fact that they qualify as a one time, valuable and warranty-assured investment is what makes them utterly unique and useful. Be it waterproof shade sails or fabric variants, effort and care must be uncompromised from your end for them to keep delivering the output they do for prolonged periods.

Here are four ways to care for your waterproof protectors even better:

Washing: Shade sails don’t clean up on their own, even if they are made of waterproof material. Therefore you’ll have to take the time and effort and choose a bright sunny day to wash and clean your shade sails. Using a high-pressure water cleaner or hosepipe can effectively take off the dirt, debris, dust, particles and slime or grease (if any) stuck to it. Machine wash is not recommended for cleaning shade sails, and you will have to ensure that you are loaded with the right cleaning tools and solutions (bleaches and chemicals are a big no) to render your shades sparkling and ready for the long run.

Drying: Post washing, shade sails must be separately dried without assuming that installing them back would dry them out anyway. No matter the material, shade sails require adequate time to dry out completely before they are ready to go up again. Even a limited amount of dampness or moisture can encourage mould and fungus growth and be detrimental in deteriorating their life span. And in the case of waterproof variants, the weight of damp shade sails may cause the supporting anchors to weaken or deem them to be highly prone to damage in the process of installing. Drying helps to eliminate such possibilities and ensures they can be as close to their original appearance and weight before taking their spot. 

Re-tension and Re-stitching: Shade sails require timely attention with regards to their stitching and panel tension. External factors like weather, dust and moisture content can make way for weakened support structures and loose stitches. If any of these two are even slightly off the mark, your shade sails will not work optimally and wear out sooner than the warranty. Hence it is vital to ensure that adequate tension and stitching patches, cuts, fixing loose ends and threads are some critical practices to resort to for maintaining your shade sails better.

Professional Annual Inspection: While you can look after shade sails in your capacity, opting for a professional annual inspection service can go a long way in maximizing their durability and efficiency. An inspection expert is equipped to cater and predict potential issues that may not be visible to the naked eyes. For example, hiring a professional’s services can help you understand the prospective problems in your waterproof shade sails and allow you to take preventive measures well in advance. A yearly inspection can thoroughly boost the overall health of your shade sails and render you ready before any crisis.

Shade sails can undoubtedly elevate the look of your home, help protect your valuables and assure better space usage. However, this can be made possible if they are cared for in a timely and efficient manner. With the tips mentioned above, you can now commence your shade sail maintenance journey confidently!

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