Are Over-ear Headphones Better Than On-ear Headphones?

It’s known to everyone that you can wear headphones both over-ear and on-ear. The most beneficial ones are over the ear headphones that cut you off from the disturbing sound of your environment. While over the ears, headphones are to be worn on the ears and weigh down. In actuality, both of the methods have their advantages, but over-ear headphone is a clear winner. With the evolution of focal utopia, the world of headphones has changed to a certain level. It marks the development of futuristic technologies that are going to rule the world. 

What Is The Point Of Difference Between On-ear And Over-ear Headphones?

When you see both of them, you will feel like they are the same, but no, they are not. Over-ear headphones will fall on your ear and cover it. This is why you will hear less noise from your atmosphere. They are the best ones when you travel using public transport or are in an area where you listen to lots of noise. The cups of on-ear headphones are smaller and can be uncomfortable, while these over-ear headphones have more comfortable cups to carry and listen to music for a long time. 

On-ears headphones directly fall on your ears and are smaller in size and lighter than over-ear headphones. When you wear it, you will also hear noise from your background, and there will be no way out. Wearing on-ear headphones is safe while you are in traffic. On-ear headphones are harder on your ears than over-ears as they press your ears.  

Which One Is Better: One-ear Or Over-ear Headphones?

If you are looking to purchase brand new headphones, you will have two choices ahead of you: on-ear and over-ear headphones. Selecting becomes difficult as both of them have their own advantages to offer. Here is a guide that can help you out:

  • Sound quality: 

While buying any Bluetooth headphone, the prime element that people look for is sound. Thankfully both on-ear and over-ear headphones have ultimate sound quality. Both of them share the same components and speaker, so the sound is not an issue. 

  • Comfortable:

On-ear headphones have cups that are smaller in size and are not able to cover the ear adequately. This causes pressure on the ears. But with over-ear headphones like focal utopia, you get covering earphones that you can carry comfortably. Also, wearing over-ear headphones can put extra strain on your neck at times. 

  • Noise cancellation:

The main benefit between on-ear and over-ear headphones is noise cancellation. Over-ear headphones have technology that is named ANC that eliminates all the noise. While with on-ear headphones, you will hear any noise around you. 

  • Battery life:

People generally assume that as over-the-ear headphones are bigger in size, they will have a more extended battery and hence longer battery life. But that’s not the case. The features in over-ear headphones make it consume more battery so, in the end, on-ear headphones have powerful batteries. 


The best pair of headphones ultimately depends on what quality you need in them. If you want to cancel out the noise, the wise choice is over-ear headphones, but you can go for on-ear headphones if you need long battery life. When you want comfortable headphones, you ought to choose over-ear headphones. 

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