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How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger: A Simple Guide

Do you love gardening but are stuck with limited gardening space? You’ve come to accept the fact that you don’t have acres of land to work with, but you still want to find ways to at least make your garden appear bigger than it is. 

Creating the illusion that your garden is much larger than what it really is quite simple. To learn how to make a small garden look bigger, continue reading below. We have several ideas that we think you’ll want to try right away!

Grow Vertically

If your garden is too small, and you don’t have a lot of space to work with, then there might be some overcrowding in your garden. You love plants and flowers and everything in between and want to show your love for all different varieties. How can you fit several different plants in such a compact space?

Grow vertically. Purchase lattice fencing and plant your flowers on it, allowing them to grow up and through the fence without taking up space on the ground. 

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors give the optical illusion that an area is larger than what it really is. When you look into the mirrors, you’ll see more garden area rather than staring at a blank wall where they hang. Choose a shaded spot in your garden to hang your mirrors. 

Hang one big mirror or several small mirrors, but be sure they’re not in a position to reflect the sun’s light into your eyes.

Plant a Variety of Sizes

When you mix together a variety of plant sizes, you create a space that seems much larger than what it is. Create a diverse small garden. Plant flowers and plants of different sizes, shapes, and colours. 

Creating layers will also help make your garden seem much larger. Don’t feel obligated to plant all the tallest plants in the back either. Mix them up and plant some tall ones within the shorter ones and give your small garden depth. 

Extend It to the Roof

To make your narrow garden seem bigger, consider extending it to the roof. If you have a shed nearby, you can allow your garden to extend to the roof of the shed. Living roofs are beautiful all will make it appear that your garden reaches from the ground all the way to the roof!

Keep Things Simple

The more you have going on in your garden, the more cluttered and full it’ll seem. When you keep things clean and simple, it’ll appear as though the garden is larger.

Anything in your yard or garden that doesn’t belong or isn’t bringing you an aesthetically pleasing view should be removed. Be sure to visit this page for all the information you need on removing rubbish from your yard.

Learn How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger Today!

Small gardens deserve just as much attention, love, and praise as larger gardens. When you’re not sure how to make a small garden look bigger, return to this guide and use it as a reference! Making the most of a small garden is easy with this guide in hand!

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