How to Make Your Eyebrows Last Longer after a Microblading Procedure

Nowhere in Australia is it more normal to celebrate culture and art than In Melbourne, the cultural capital. As the capital of the state of Victoria, it is very well-known for its museums, music, and art centres. It is natural for people to get all dressed up and attend operas, art exhibitions, and concerts. Of course, this means putting on a lot of makeup for women, which gets tedious after a while. That is the reason why many consider getting a procedure for eyebrow microblading tattoos in Melbourne.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is usually performed by a trained technician, preferably with a special license or has attended seminars about the procedure. It is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that is used to create the illusion of fuller brows, sometimes with a different shape. The technician then talks with the client about the desired shape and colour. It is natural for them to have a conversation about skin undertones to match the client’s hair colour. A platinum blonde with black eyebrows would not work.

Many have considered microblading, but have not considered how to make sure that their tattooed eyebrows last for a long time. Microblading is not permanent, after all. Microblading can last 12-18 months, depending on how well it’s taken care of after the procedure—making your eyebrows last until the next procedure is economically sound because one treatment can go as high as AU$ 2300.

Oily Skin

There are even several factors that might affect how long your eyebrows will last, like having oily skin, which absorbs pigments much faster than normal skin. An experienced technician will notice you have oily skin right away. If they do not, be sure to mention it. Having oily skin affects the work as much as how to take care of it afterwards. Microblading is putting pigment under the skin, so a person with oily skin might need more touch-ups, and the eyebrows will not last as long. It’s also possible that the strokes will expand a little more than normal.


Taking care of the skin after microblading is not very different from regular tattoo care if a bit more thorough. Two hours after the procedure, wipe the area with a cotton swab dipped in sterilized water; this will ensure that there is no excess dye and keep the area sterile. 

Keep the area dry for ten days to make sure your skin absorbs the pigments, even when you are taking a shower. Try to avoid swimming, saunas, and activities that might cause you to sweat excessively.

Don’t put makeup in the area that had microblading. The shallow cuts of the skin still have pigments caused by the procedure. Let everything settle for a while. Don’t scratch the affected area. Leave it alone until your technician says it is safe to touch. 

Apply any medicated cream or healing balm that your technician has provided you. Avoid using any other creams other than what your clinic suggested. Remember, your technician is a trained professional. They have trained and attended seminars for microblading. As a result, they know the latest techniques and news about the procedure.

Following the necessary precautions can make your eyebrows last longer. The work is not done the minute you leave the clinic for eyebrow microblading tattoos in Melbourne. The most important thing is how to take care of them after the procedure is done. Try to ask your technician as many questions as possible before undergoing the procedure. That way, you will be leaving the clinic looking more beautiful and better informed.




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