How To Make Yourself Feel Cosy

autumn leaves

It’s surprising how our mood can change with the weather or the time of year. Even a cloudy or gusty day can change the way we feel. There is something about this time of year that invites cosiness and inward contemplation. Sometimes we just want to pull the drawbridge up and retreat inside. If your room is feeling a little cold and uninviting here are some instant fixes that can turn things around. Try some of them for a pick me up or seasonal quick fix.

Put some music on.

It’s amazing how some relaxing or even uptempo music can change the mood. Music can make us happy and even help us when we are feeling down. It can be the heart and soul of a happy home. If you are feeling oppressed by the silence or you want to drown out some outside noise put on some of your favourite music. Relaxing or uplifting the mood changer is almost instant.

Bake something special.

It doesn’t have to be complex. There are few things in life better than a tray of freshly baked brownies. Pop into the kitchen and see what you can find. You could always keep a tray of brownie mix in the cupboard for emergencies. How about a ‘go to’ tray of muffins? The great thing about muffins is they can just about take any flavor or filling. Sweet or savoury, fresh muffins make anyone feel better.

If you had a few fresh vegetables handy, how about whisking up a nutritious soup? The amazing and versatile pumpkin will give you a lovely hot bowl of something special. Not only that, it will be delicious, nutritious and colourful. It’s a seasonal must have at this time of year. It can take less than twenty minutes to make a pot of yummy fresh soup.

Mulled wine

Fabulous on the nose and the palate. Mulled wine can have a very low alcohol content, but is infused with a heady mix of cinnamon, cloves and lemons. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and is a real winter warmer.

Fill the room with flowers

Autumn flowers are a special reminder that all seasons bring us beauty. Bringing flowers into a room instantly lifts the spirits and changes the mood. There are so many fabulous colours at this special time of year.


Beautiful scents and aromas can transport us to a magical place. Incense or diffusers are easy ways to introduce lovely notes of cinnamon or vanilla, lavender or any perfume that you like. Our senses are seduced, and we can be transported to another world. One that is dreamy, calm and exotic.

Light a candle

They can be no denying that candlelight adds a certain something. This is especially true as the light starts to fade and the gloom descends. Candlelight shimmers softly, encouraging a delightful sense of intimacy and cosiness. Scented candles bring you the best of both worlds. For a magic effect, you could place a tray of tea tree lights around a room, illuminating the entire room with a sky full of stars. Makeshift candles holders can be made from recycled jars. The effect will be reflected and magnified.

Give your room a quick spruce up.

Maybe just have a tidy and freshen up the space. Change some of your furniture around, or hang up a fabulous new print or piece of wall art. Any space we inhabit can be made somewhere special really easily.

Warm, inviting and intimate, let yourself relax and come alive through your senses.

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