How to Put on Duvet Covers Like a Pro

To begin with the main course, a duvet is a flat bag filled with a thermally insulating material, such as wool, down or polyester fill. Duvets or doonas, are often confused with comforters because both perform the same function and go on bedding sheets but a duvet is usually heavier, thicker, and fluffier than a comforter. Being heavier and thicker, duvets are often expensive and need regular maintenance therefore they need to be covered by duvet covers.

Duvet covers are used for many reasons, they are lightweight, thinner, and less fluffy than the duvets which makes them easy to care for. You can wash the duvet covers easily and regularly for a fresh look.

Duvet covers also protect the duvets, just like pillow covers cover the pillows and save them from dirt, dust, and germs keeping them clean and tidy which increases the lifetime of duvets and saves you money in the long run. Duvet covers also allow you to personalise the look of your duvet offering you a variety of styles, colours, and designs which bring a pop of colour to your place just like the bedding sheets.

The only problem encountered when it comes to duvet covers is that they are a bit tricky to put on the duvets themselves. This drives away many people from using duvet covers. In this article, we will be presenting you the easiest method to get your duvet covers on the duvets.

How do you to put on duvet/doona covers??


  1. To put on the duvet covers you need to grab your favourite duvet cover and duvet. Remember to have the matching size duvet cover for your duvet.
  2. Turn the inside of the duvet cover out and spread it all over your bed. The opening of your duvet cover must be at the foot side of the bed.
  3. Lay the duvet on the duvet cover and spread it evenly all over the duvet cover. Find the inner ties and tie them, if there are no inner ties use safety pins or stitches to fasten the Duvet’s corner to the duvet cover to keep the duvet in place inside the duvet cover.
  4. Fold all of the duvets and bring the opening side of the duvet cover around the folded duvet & close the opening end with a button, zipper, or ties depending upon whatever the duvet cover has.
  5. Now unroll the duvet to the top side of your bed. Balance the duvet all over inside the duvet cover and hand press to remove the creases creating an even surface overall. There you go, the duvet cover is all on and ready to go on the bed.

Method #2

  1. Lay the duvet uniformly over the bed ensuring that no crease or folding exists. Flip the duvet cover inside out and grab the top two corners by hand keeping the duvet cover inside out.
  2. Next, grab the top corners of the duvet and put the duvet cover on the duvet from the top grabbed corners of the cover sliding it down all over the duvet.
  3. Shake the duvet well so that the cover adjusts completely on the duvet. Grab the bottom corners of the duvet and stitch or tie them inside the duvet cover. Shake the duvet cover well to bring fluff and softness to the duvet.
  4. Close the opening end of the duvet cover and there you go, your duvet us ready to go on the bed.

Why you should use duvet covers?

Duvet covers cover the duvets completely like the pillow covers and save it from the dust, dust mites, dirt, and germs. They also protect the duvet from getting greasy and oily by absorbing all the body moisture and keeping to itself which retains the texture of the duvet and keeps it free of any foul smell.

A few duvet covers are padded with insulating materials which act as an added insulation layer. Such duvet covers are often heavy and are used for the winter season or cold sleepers. They add more to the thermal insulation of the duvets making them warmer and cosier. Also, duvets are heavier and cannot be washed at home and need to be dry cleaned only. So duvet covers act as a protecting layer and makes the cleaning process easier.

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