How to Support Your Parents in Their Old Age

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Growing old is a difficult thing for many people to face. It’s hard to experience it yourself, but it can also be worrying to watch your parents age. It’s natural to be concerned about their health, as well as both their independence and yours. You often need to make some significant decisions about how they will live. Especially if they could reach a stage when they can no longer decide for themselves. Everyone chooses to support their elderly parents in different ways. So what are your options for being there for yours? Here are some of the ways you can ensure your parents have a decent quality of life.


Inviting Parents into Your Home

One of the toughest decisions to make when your parents are older is whether to have them live with you. You probably haven’t lived with them for a long time, and having them move in can cause lots of problems. Some people decide that it’s what’s best for their parents’ care, especially if they need 24/7 attention. However, sometimes the parents are still healthy. But it might make sense for convenience and to prepare for the future. Of course, your parents don’t necessarily want to live with you either. The important thing is to discuss the option and make sure everyone is comfortable with the final decision.


Hiring Home Help

Often your parents, and you as well, would rather retain some measure of independence. If they’re able to stay in their own home, you can continue to have relatively independent lives. Hiring home help is one option that often works, especially when your parents only need a few hours of help each day. Contacting a company specializing in aged care could get you someone to help out with daily tasks and managing your parents’ health. They can do things like making sure they take medication, cooking them meals or cleaning. It can even give them someone to chat to if they’re home alone.


Regular Visits

Even if your parents aren’t willing or able to live with you, they still want to see you. Whether they’re at home, in assisted living or a care home, you can visit them often. Of course, they still have their own lives, so let them know in advance. But one of the most important things you can do is not to forget about them, and try to include them in your life. It can be more difficult to get out and meet friends in old age, so family is more important than ever.


Helping Parents Stay Social

Another way you can support your parents is to help them get out and about. If they’re not capable of doing so, you can help them be social at home. Some options to consider include day centers and social groups. Some charities and services provide volunteers who will visit for a chat or talk over the phone. And, of course, you can make an effort to socialize with them too.


Helping your parents in their old age can sometimes be trying. But everyone deserves to have a good quality of life in their last years. You can do your best to be there for them.

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