How To Take Care of Eyelashes at Home

Did you know that between one and five of your eyelashes drop out every single day?

To keep your eyelashes healthy and avoid this number being even higher, it is important to know how to take care of eyelashes. Luckily, this is easy to do, even from home. Moreover if you want to have long eyelashes in a short period of time and not to spend much time on them, you can do eyelash extensions at home by yourself which will surely create a completely original look.

From mascara choice to avoiding excess lash friction, read on to discover the four simple ways you can promote eyelash health and growth at home.

Clean With Care

It sounds obvious, but one of the easiest and most effective at-home eyelash maintenance tips is to just keep them clean.

While three layers of mascara are great for creating thick lashes, this can lead to irritation if not properly cleaned every night. A buildup of makeup, chemicals, and sweat can negatively impact your eyelashes.

There is a solution, however. Try using micellar water or a gel-based makeup remover instead of oils and harsh removers. Add shampoo for eyelash extensions to your routine to keep your fluttery lashes healthy for longer.

Avoid Excess Lash Friction

Do you often find yourself rubbing your lashes without thinking? If so, then you could be accidentally causing more of your eyelashes to fall out.

Lash friction is more than just rubbing or tugging your eyelashes, however. It can be caused by anything from sleeping with your face on the pillow to brushing your eyelashes too often.

It will take some time to get used to, but an easy eyelash care tip is to be aware of what causes friction and do your best to avoid it.  

Use Natural Remedies

If you’re wondering what to use to grow eyelashes, there are some natural remedies that can encourage thick, healthy growth. 

Applying Vaseline (or similar petroleum jelly) to your upper and lower eyelids overnight moisturises your lids and stops eyelash mites from damaging your lashes.

Shea butter and coconut oil can be gently applied to lashes to prevent the loss of hair proteins. This will help prevent thinning and will encourage regrowth.

Choose the Right Mascara

Unless you’re planning on going for a swim or watching a super sad film, try and avoid any waterproof or long-wear mascaras. They are hard to completely remove without excessive rubbing or tugging of lashes.

The chemicals in these formulas also have a drying effect on your lashes, leaving them dull and more likely to fall out.

Instead, try and find a mascara made from natural ingredients, and don’t apply more than two coats. Consider using an eyelash conditioner to keep them extra hydrated and healthy.

How To Take Care of Eyelashes: A Beginner’s Guide

If you follow this advice on how to take care of eyelashes at home, you will soon find that your lashes are lasting longer and appear fuller.

The most important thing to remember is to go easy on the mascara and avoid rubbing your eyes, no matter how tired you are!

If you found this eyelash care guide useful, be sure to check out our other beauty tips today!

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