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Clever Lighting Tricks Used By Interior Designers

Ask any interior designer about their tricks and secrets, and they’ll keep things very close to their chest! However, they might divulge that their secret weapon is almost always lighting. The choice of lights in your home have a huge effect on the ambience and aesthetics. You can change the entire vibe of a room with carefully chosen lights.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Getting the perfect lighting placement is a tricky business. It starts with choosing the right light source for every room. Interior designers use a trick called ‘layered lighting’, to mix things up and create a variety of light sources. It’s not easy, but you can recreate a similar thing without spending thousands on an expert! Let’s take a look.

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Dimmer switches

Our first trick is a simple dimmer switch. The first part of layering your lighting is the essential overhead light. However, that light is often far too bright and intrusive. Especially if you’re trying to create a soft, cosy glow in winter. Instead, try installing a dimmer switch on your overheads. You can control that bright light, and turn it down to reflect the mood of the room. It’s also great for those early mornings when your eyes struggle to adjust to the brightness!

Lamps and task lighting

Next, you’re looking to layer the lighting with some simple task lights. Lamps are the perfect example here, and you’ll dot them around the room according to your usage. If you like to snuggle up in the corner with a book, put a small lamp in that same place. If you’re in the kitchen, install a task light in the area you like to cook. This is all about giving you an extra burst of light where you need it, without overpowering the room. It’s an essential element of a beautiful house.

Candles and ambient lights

If you’re looking to create a truly cosy warmth in the home, you need ambient lighting. There are all sorts of ways to create ambient lighting, but we find that candles are the best. They give a soft, warm glow, and that flicker gives movement to the light. It’s perfect for cold winter evening to give the room a warmer feel. You can also use fairy lights in certain rooms to achieve your ambient light goals.

Use uplighters

Uplighters are a great way to maximise the light in your room, without overpowering it. They bounce light off the ceiling, which should give you an extra burst of overhead light. It’s rarely too powerful, but just gives you the extra glow and warmth you’re looking for. Sometimes, standing lamps are too overbearing, so try an uplighter instead.

Use lights underneath and behind surfaces

This is a tricky one, but it works wonders when you get it right. Ideally, you want to use strip lights underneath a surface to give a soft glow around the edges. For example, use them under the edge of your breakfast island. Or behind the mirror in your bathroom. It’s a soft and subtle glow, but gives definition to your spaces.

Now you know the interior design secrets! Use them in your own home, and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

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