How to Wear Jewellery: 7 Tips for Women

Are you looking to take your style to the next level? Tired of getting dressed and then stressing over which necklace, which earrings, or rings to wear?

When it comes to how to wear jewelry, there are a lot of different styles that might work for you. If you follow these rules below, you’ll be wearing jewelry with confidence in no time. 

1. Less Is More

One of the most important things to remember when wearing jewelry is when to stop. You might not need three necklaces and a whole set of bangles. You might not need a necklace at all depending on the outfit.

If you’re very unsure about what to wear, go with fewer and more simple items. That way they won’t distract or draw attention in a negative way. And make sure you keep your jewelry clean and well maintained, so it always looks its best. 

2. Layer

Wearing several necklaces at once is very in, and you can layer jewelry in a lot of ways. You can wear multiple rings, have complicated earrings, and add bracelets. But again, remember rule number one. Don’t overdo it with the accessorizing, otherwise, it looks less chic and messier. 

3. Plan for the Fit

Not only do you want to make sure your jewelry matched your outfit well, but you also want to make sure it matches the silhouette. When you’re picking out a necklace to wear, try matching it to your hemline, keeping it above so it can still be seen instead of lost in your clothes. 

Styling jewelry has a lot to do with what you’re wearing. Think of what you want to be the focus of your outfit and highlight it.

4. Dress for the Occasion

Jewelry can make or break an outfit, and this is especially true if you aren’t planning for the occasion. If you’re trying to throw on a bunch of chunky bracelets and casual earrings but you’re going to a black-tie event, consider scaling back and rethinking the style you want.

5. Experiment

While knowing jewelry etiquette is great, new styles are developed all the time. You don’t have constantly on-trend. Try out new looks and new jewelry from time to time to see what you like best. 

And when you’re looking to buy new jewelry, especially online, don’t forget to check the reviews. If you’re thinking of shopping at any online store, like Dreamland jewelry, for instance, you can always find a Dreamland Jewelry review to help you make a more informed decision. 

6. Mix and Match

Layers of gold necklaces are in, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that. You can absolutely pair silver and gold in certain outfits, but make sure they come together well. Your earrings don’t have to look exactly like your necklace, but they should complement each other to make the outfit more complete.

7. Find Your Focus

No matter which type of jewelry you’re planning to wear, it is an accessory. And you need to decide when getting your outfit together what you want the focus to be.

Do you want it to be a bold statement necklace? Or do you want it to be your new dress and heels? Once you’ve determined a focus, plan your jewelry to help highlight it, instead of misdirecting attention. 

How to Wear Jewelry

When learning how to wear jewelry, it’s important to remember the styles you like and enjoy most. You’re the one buying and wearing the jewelry, so don’t be afraid to try new looks and find your own specific style.

These jewelry tips are here to help guide you, not hinder your fashion sense. And if you found them helpful in getting you started, keep reading for more good style advice.

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