An Ultimate Guide to First Class Self-Care

When we take a step back to view our lives through a looking glass, we realize that work never ends. Stress never ends. Anxiety never ends. There is always a tomorrow, and there are always things to do. As you complete one task, there is another waiting.

There is a meal to be prepared, documents to file, children to take care of, laundry to do, a home to clean, a place to be.

But the question is, do you give yourself entirely to all the never-ending tasks so that you can finally rest? No, you’ll get exhausted in no time. And when that happens, you become far less efficient, and something you should enjoy doing becomes grunt work. The answer to a happier life is self-care.

Self-care is about putting yourself first sometimes — taking care of your mind, body, and soul and their needs. It’s about telling everyone and everything else to wait a moment so you can care for both your physical and mental needs.

Whether you’re a man or woman, single or married, trying to tick out all your to-do list at a stretch hardly ever is the best way to go. You get frustrated and angry.

So how do you get into a self-care routine that makes your life a whole lot more exciting and worthwhile despite the troubles that abound?

Read on.

  • Care for your skin

Skincare isn’t a mere luxury — it is an essential aspect of looking good. When you look good, you naturally feel more confident. And as you very well know, women are naturally inclined to have that inherent desire to always look and smell good. Not caring for your skin is like denying yourself of that intrinsic desire. You deny yourself the chance to feel great.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and obviously, the one people first notice about you.

Treat yourself to affordable but safe skincare products that nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it looking radiant. Exfoliate, apply clean, non-toxic products such as Osmosis Skincare, which are widely regarded as safe for your skin. Wash your face daily, use a DIY face mask and sunscreen, and one more thing, stay away from direct sunlight when you can.

Trust me; when your skin glows, you can’t just help but feel good about yourself.

  • Wear makeup when you can

This one is a no-brainer. As a woman, applying makeup is a great way to boost your looks even when you’re already drop-dead gorgeous. However, it’s not mandatory to put on makeup, but if you feel you would feel better wearing it, why not? Go for it!

Find color shades and foundations that work for your skin tone. Sometimes you can be late for work and need to hurry. If you couldn’t make out time for makeup, powder and a colorful lip gloss would do.

Look good, feel good.

  • Don’t forget haircare

Your hair is that final piece of the puzzle that makes your beauty complete. Whether you have short curly hair or a long straight one, giving adequate care to your hair is an essential part of every self-care routine.

Get your hair looking nice and full, and you’ll see how many compliments you induce daily. And without a doubt, your feel-good hormones get flowing when you receive compliments, just the kind of thing you need on a tiring day.

The good news is you don’t have to spend much. You can create your own homemade DIY hair care recipe using avocados, olive oil, eggs, and Shea butter. Shampoo and deep condition your hair weekly to get that glossy appeal that steals the show.

  • Exercise

While the above self-care tips cater to your looks, exercising is a well-rounded self-care essential that serves your mind, body, and soul. No self-care routine is complete without exercising because the benefits are colossal.

Physical exercise boosts energy and mood, promotes better sleep, combats several health conditions, eases up stress, helps you lose weight, increases your sexual prowess, and can be so much fun. And what’s more? You develop that killer physique that people die for.

People who exercise more tend to have better mental and physical health than people who don’t. You don’t have to hit the gym every day because that can be quite a challenge. You can do an excellent workout at home without equipment for 30 minutes, and you’ll reap all the benefits. Get a fitness app, and you’d be on track.

  • Eat right for self-care

While you work out and get that killer body, never forget to watch what you eat. Consume foods rich in protein and healthy fats (good for your skin), and fewer carbs. Eating the right foods will also help keep your mind sharp, prevent inflammation and memory loss. Yes, food doesn’t only affect your body but your brain as well. Our brains need vital nutrients to function correctly.

  • Keep your home clean and organized

It doesn’t hurt to spend a little money and time getting your home decor right. Feeling comfortable in your own space fosters better mood and health.

You can up your home decor on a budget. It may be to rearrange your furniture and take out old items, clean up, repaint, or refinish old woodwork. In the end, your living space attains a new appeal you want to show off to your friends.

Caring for your home is an important piece of your self-care routine.

  • Go outside

Humans tend to feel better when they connect and socialize. It shouldn’t always be over the phone and social media. Go out and get human interaction; it promotes your sense of belonging and happiness. Hang out and laugh with friends once in a while.

You return home feeling alive.

  • Finally, do something you enjoy

Do what you love. This, in summary, is the essence of self-care.

Take a step back from the chaos and life’s endless demands, put everything and everyone else in second place, and do what pleases you once in a while.

Learn to say no sometimes when people request your time or energy.

Although you may feel obligated to say yes, doing so may end up leaving you frustrated. So listen to your mind and body; they tell you what they need. It could be sleep. And when you satisfy those needs, you’re revitalized and rejuvenated.

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