How to Wear Necklaces: A Style Guide

The jewelry industry is worth over $71 billion.

Accessories add a little bit of flair to every outfit. Necklaces are especially popular. The right necklace can make your neck look longer, add a bit more elegance to your outfit, and simply looks feminine.

But many women don’t know the rules of styling necklaces.

If you’re wondering how to wear necklaces, follow this simple style guide for advice.

Decide If Your Outfit Requires a Necklace

Most simple and plain outfits can look more dramatic by adding an exquisite necklace. Even if your outfit is flashy, a subtle necklace is still appropriate.

But not every outfit requires a necklace.

First, this is based on personal preference.

If you prefer to wear no accessories with extravagant outfits, then you can save a necklace for the next outfit. But if you prefer wearing a necklace with every outfit, pay attention to the top’s neckline.

If you’re wearing a top with embroideries, embellishments, or ruffles at the neckline, adding a necklace will look too loud.

Choose a Necklace That Compliments the Neckline

What if your top’s neckline is simple? A necklace will do wonders for your outfit. But you should still find a necklace that accentuates your top’s neckline.

If your top is a V-neck, choose a short necklace with a pendant. The pendant will sit at the center of your neck, complimenting the V-neck shape.

You also have many options with this necklace type. You can choose a small gem or a large stone. For a more extravagant look, layer several pendant necklaces of different lengths.

If your top has a rounded neckline, go with a short but chunky necklace. This is a great option for formal occasions; chunky gemstone or pearl necklaces are dressy and look lovely with a gown.

If your neckline is higher, such as a turtleneck, choose a longer necklace. The necklace will help lengthen your neckline.

Choose a Necklace Based on Your Outfit

The classic advice is choosing a necklace based on your outfit. If your outfit is simple, wear a bold necklace, such as these necklaces. If your outfit is bold, wear a simple necklace.

What are some examples of a bold outfit? If your outfit, specifically the top, features prints or patterns, stay simple with the necklace. Opt for a shorter necklace. If you do go for pendants, make sure the pendants are small.

If your outfit (specifically the top) is plain, you have more necklace choices. You can choose longer and extravagant necklaces. Layering your necklaces will also add more flair to a solid-colored top.

How to Wear Necklaces: Follow These Rules and Add Your Personal Style

There are many necklace lengths, styles, and pendants. Because of the options, it’s best you know how to wear necklaces. But you should always remember to use your own personal style to rock your necklace choices!

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