What Does a Plastic Surgeon Do? Is Plastic Surgery Right for Me?

Even the most beautiful people in the world have flaws. Celebrities often change their appearances to look younger or enhance existing features.

This is all done with the help of plastic surgeons. If you are thinking about changing your physical appearance, you may be thinking “what does a plastic surgeon do?”

It’s important to do your research before committing to having a procedure done.

What Does a Plastic Surgeon Do?

In short, a plastic surgeon is a medical doctor who alters your physical appearance through surgery. The overall goal of plastic surgery is repair or reconstruction to achieve a normal appearance.

Plastic surgeons are similar to reconstructive surgeons in that they usually step in after an accident. For example, a burn victim might visit a plastic surgeon to repair damage to facial skin.

But plastic surgery also covers perceived physical problems. A woman can visit a plastic surgeon for breast implants if she decides her appearance isn’t normal.

A medical condition isn’t required to receive plastic surgery. Many smaller procedures that alter a person’s physical appearance falls under cosmetic surgery.

To people outside the medical field, these differences are slim. Both doctors perform similar work but plastic surgeons are distancing themselves more from vanity procedures.

Cosmetic surgery includes procedures like that following: 


Rhinoplasty means getting your nose restructured. Doctors explain your options for changing your nose to help you maintain the same amount of cartilage and breathing patterns.


Botox isn’t a form of surgery at all. Botox is an injection of a toxin called botulin into the face using a needle. 

The procedure is done to make patients look younger by removing wrinkles. Botutlin removes wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing a person’s face.  


Liposuction is surgical fat removal. Researchers don’t advise anyone with obesity-related disorders to try liposuction because it might not last beyond a few months.

Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of liposuction that removes fat from one area of your body and adds it to the butt to make it look perkier. 

Should You Get Plastic Surgery?

Whether or not to get plastic or cosmetic surgery is a difficult decision. If you’re currently seeing a psychiatrist, experts recommend speaking with your psychiatrist before making a final commitment.

There are issues plastic surgery can’t fix like Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This condition means you’re obsessively worried about a perceived disorder despite others confirming there is no problem.

If you have underlying emotional issues, plastic surgery isn’t right for you. Managing your expectations is important when exploring a procedure. 

The Next Step

If you’re in good emotional and physical health, plastic surgery might be a great option for you. What does a plastic surgeon do if not allow you to live an improved version of yourself?

Understanding a procedure is a novel, and not necessary, possibility in your life is the first step. Make an appointment for a consultation with your plastic surgeon to learn what’s realistically possible for your body.

If the outcome won’t meet your original goals, skip it. There is a variety of ways to improve your appearance without relying on surgery. 

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