If toddlers were on Facebook

I think the most trying time of being a parent is when you are dealing with a toddler.
 The “I don’t know what I want but I want it NOW” ‘s, the “I really need a sleep but I’m a big boy/girl now and don’t need it, so I’m going to be whingy and tantrum until I fall asleep in a heap on the floor”‘s, whinging, pushing the boundaries, climbing things they shouldn’t… the list goes on… it’s no wonder Mum’s take up drinking at this age*.

*not scientifically proven but if there were a study I’m sure this would be the case.

Anyway, I came across “If toddler’s were on Facebook” and had to share, it is hilarious!

if toddlers were on facebook

What do or did you enjoy about having a toddler and what drove you bananas? I love toddler babble in their own language and the worst has to be whinging and tantrums.


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