It’s Still A Women’s World In These Careers

You might have heard about sexism in the workplace and different businesses. But you might be surprised to learn how many careers there are where women are still considered the only choice. If you approach the possibility of a man filling one of these career positions, you might be greeted with some rather funny looks. So, what positions are we talking about where it’s still a woman’s world?

Please Fasten Your Seatbelts

While it’s true that you do get male air stewards and air hostesses or perhaps hosts, it’s fair to say there aren’t many. The idea that stewards on planes should be female is still embedded to culture. In fact, there are some claims that certain air travel owners won’t consider hiring male stewards at all. Interestingly, this is a relic of an idea from a time when only men could be pilots.

Think Of The Children

Next, let’s turn to caring for our children. It’s true that you’ll find plenty of male teachers and tutors but a male nanny? That’s practically unheard of even in 2017. It goes back to the idea that women are better at looking after children and caring for children than men are. It’s quite a sexist idea when you get right down to it. But that doesn’t change the fact there are many people who would never consider hiring a male nanny for their home.

One More Push

Finally, there are lots of careers in medicine that are considered unisex today, but a midwife isn’t one of them. It even has the female gender present in the name. This is certainly a career where you’ll get a funny look if you’re a man. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a midwife if you’re male. It’s just quite rare perhaps that’s why there are so few of them today. You can find out about this in the infographic below.


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