Insights Into Breast Cancer And Surgeries

Women suffering from breast cancer must have gone through some sort of surgery as a part of the treatment. Also, not all breast surgeries are the same, it differs depending on the condition of the patient. 

For instance, surgery may be perpetrated to:

  • To find out if cancer has spread to other parts of the body like the lymph nodes – axillary lymph node dissection or biopsy for sentinel lymph nodes.
  • Remove cancer cells as much as possible – mastectomy or surgery for breast-conserving is performed.
  • Restore the shape of the breast after the removal of cancer–breast reconstruction.
  • Relieve advanced cancer symptoms. 

Why Breast Cancer Screening Is Important?

The screening of breast cancer is not just for knowing the cancer type, but for the early treatment and survival of the patient. Early diagnosis can help the patient from facing pain and struggle for the years ahead. The survival rate is also high when treated at the starting stage.  When a patient is diagnosed with cancer at an early stage, they can be treated with limited treatment such as Lumpectomy, in which the cancer is removed just by radiation saving the patient from undergoing Mastectomy or other comprehensive surgeries.

What are the different types of Surgeries for Breast Cancer?

Women suffering from early breast cancer have a choice between the Mastectomy and BCS – Breast-Conserving Surgery. BCS has many advantages, one of which is that women can keep most of their breasts. In a few cases, the patient will have to undergo radiation as well. Those who go for Mastectomy, during their early stages are less likely to go for radiation.

Mastectomy is a better option for a few patients because of the tumour size, previous radiation effect, and other health factors. Dr. Tan Yia Swam has more than a decade of experience in cancer treatment and care. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you need to consult her as she performs breast cancer surgery at ease. Few women worry about going through less comprehensive surgery for they believe that the risk of cancer coming back. But it has been proved by thousands of research and studies that women opting for BCS along with radiation have the same effect just like the Mastectomy.

Breast cancer surgery is classified into two types. There are many types of breast cancer surgery and it is completely dependent upon the patient’s condition and personal preferences.  They are:

  1. Breast-Conserving Surgery – It is also known as Quadrantectomy, Lumpectomy, Segmental Mastectomy or partial Mastectomy. This surgery involves removing only the cancer part of the breast. The surgery aims at removing cancer and also the other tissues surrounding it. The removal of the breast depends upon how big the tumor is, and also other factors.  
  2. Mastectomy – This surgery involves the removal of the whole breast, which includes the surrounding tissue as well. There are many types of Mastectomy. Few women undergo double Mastectomy where both the breast is removed.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Women who have undergone breast surgery are given the option of breast reconstruction surgery. The patient who had the Mastectomy surgery can consider having her breast mass rebuilt reinstating the appearance of the breast after the surgery. In a few cases, a patient can opt for fat grafting to rebuild the affected breast part in the BCS. 

Discuss the different options available with your breast cancer surgeon and understand the treatment options and what to expect from the surgery to be prepared.

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