Are You Wearing The Right Type Of T-Shirt?

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One type of clothing that you will find in the wardrobe of both young and old is the t-shirt. Once a part of the military uniform where it was used as an undergarment, the t-shirt has come a long way. An essential item, t-shirts probably has been the most purchased apparel globally. Providing comfort, style, and variety, t-shirts can be worn in most places and on most occasions. According to style experts, block colored t-shirts are the most popular as they provide a canvas for patterns, graphics, quotes, and pictures. While you can purchase a t-shirt with any of these printed on them, you can also buy a plain t-shirt and have it custom printed. One of the biggest advantages of a t-shirt is that it can be worn in many different styles by pairing it with different types of apparel. 

However, selecting a t-shirt that fits well is not that simple. You must match the correct type of t-shirt to your body type. Yes, t-shirts do come in different styles to fit different body types. While the classic t-shirt style can be worn by anyone, if you are looking at men’s t-shirts that fit, you need to be sure that it would match and fit your body type. There are a few things to remember when trying out t-shirts, especially for the classic style. 

  • The classic t-shirt always should be a slim fit
  • T-shirt neck should not constrain movements and be loose.
  • The length of the t-shirt should end at the belt / mid-fly
  • Sleeves should not be longer than where the biceps end
  • T-shirt shoulders should end at the point where the arms begin.

However, while the above guidelines are good enough for the classic fit, it is not enough to ensure that the t-shirt fits your body type. Thus, it is imperative that you match the t-shirt style to your body type to complement your appearance. 

Show Those Muscles

Your entire workout at the gym has paid dividends and you want to show those muscles that you have built without being too obvious about it. What you need is an athletic fit t-shirt. They hug your body and highlight the muscles. However, remember not to get a t-shirt that is small in size. That will cause the sleeves to ride up your biceps and will not define your biceps along with not fitting around the stomach. While the idea is to get a tight-fitting t-shirt, there is a difference between a tight fit and one that is a size smaller than required. 

The Baggy Look

This look is fast becoming a trend in men’s fashion. A baggy t-shirt is certainly very comfortable to wear. However, most people confuse baggy with oversized. Baggy t-shirts need to be in proportion to the body type. Buying an oversized t-shirt will always look ill-fitting as either the shoulders, or the sleeves, or the length will not be in proportion to your body. Ensure that the label on the t-shirt states that it is indeed a baggy styled t-shirt.

One major style faux pas is wearing baggy t-shirts if you have a stocky or larger than average build. Baggy clothing makes you look bigger than you are. In reality, baggy t-shirts suit skinny and slim people. 

Get Fitted for Style

Men with less than average body size find it difficult to get clothes that fit. However, t-shirts for those with a stocky build are not a problem – get one that is fitted. A fitted t-shirt is one that is neither too big, nor too small. Find one that fits your body without highlighting your figure. The fitting should be similar to that of the classic t-shirt. 

The Bottom Line

It is imperative that size and fit matters irrespective of your body type. You need to know your body shape and measurements before you decide on the t-shirt that you wish to buy. While there are many styles and designs to choose from, there are some fashion styles that are important to know. T-shirts with round necklines look good on men with a narrow and long face. If you have broad shoulders and chest, a V-neck tee will look good on you. For those who have muscular biceps and even those who have thin arms, get a half/three quarter style t-shirt that features sleeves that end below the elbow. Finally, remember, if you are comfortable in your clothes, you will look good in them.

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