Inspiration & Ideas For A More Marketable Holiday Home

If you are lucky enough to have a second home, it is vital that you make the most of it, especially if it’s in a holiday-friendly location. The fact is, during the warmer months, as well as during the festive period, holiday homes across the world are hugely sought after, with families from all corners of the globe wanting to get away and spend some quality time together. Which is why, if you have a property that has the potential to be an incredible vacation destination, it’s worth making the most of it.

The fact is that holiday homes may be sought after, but that doesn’t mean that any old property is guaranteed to be rented out each holiday period. There is a lot of competition when it comes to holiday lets, so if you want to make the most of your second home, it’s vital that you know how to market it. The good news is that making your holiday home more marketable doesn’t have to be a struggle, as there are plenty of ideas that you can take note of and implement.

For inspiration and ideas for making your holiday home more marketable, keep reading – below are some incredibly easy ways to make more of your holiday home.

Amp up the curb appeal

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The first thing that any potential booker will see is photos of your holiday home’s exterior. These are always the first images to be displayed in magazines, brochures, and on websites, so it pays to amp up the property’s curb appeal. Little things like hiring a house painter to redecorate the exterior of the property and utilising a landscape gardener’s skills to beautify the outdoor space are great, but this isn’t all it takes to amp up the curb appeal. Think more chic and sophisticated – what you want to do is use a few well thought out features to improve the vibe of the space. When people look for a holiday home, they look for somewhere that is luxurious and different to their own homes. So what you want to do is incorporate features that scream luxury. Take your outdoor lighting, for instance, pick lights that have a matte metal finish, not a shiny one. There’s something about matte finishes that add that little bit of luxury. Or, take your property’s fencing, opt for fencing and a gate that creates a grander look – the higher the fence, the better.

Make more of the outdoor space

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We already touched on outdoor space with the mention of using a landscape gardener to beautify it, but that’s not all you need to do to make your holiday home more marketable. Features like outdoor cooking pits, outdoor kitchens, cute, quirky seating areas, hot tubs or swimming pools, and outdoor bars are all it takes. Take a look at the outdoor space and decide what potential it has. Is there space to build an outdoor dining area, BBQ pit, and bar? Could an outdoor kitchen make a fantastic addition? Would a seating area and fire pit add an extra sense of luxury to the space? Could a hot tub surrounded by sustainable decking make more of the space? If you have the space and the money, building a natural swimming pool could be a fantastic feature to invest in. What you want your home’s outdoor space to do is create a holiday-like vibe, because that’s what people will pay for.

Open the space up

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If your property is already laid out in an open plan way, then you can skip this step. If it’s not, then it could be worth considering making some changes to the space. When people are on vacation, they like to be able to socialise easily, as that’s what family trips are all about, which is why open spaces tend to be more popular. Ideally, you want to ensure that the living room and kitchen in your property open up into each other. Whether that’s via double doors that can be opened out to create one, huge space or you have one big room that combines a living, cooking, and eating space; it doesn’t matter. Adding a large L-shaped sofa to the living area and a large, farmhouse style table to the dining area, as well as having one outside, helps to make the property look and feel more like a sociable space.


It’s all about the accessories

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A property without some cute, quirky accessories is a boring space. What you want to do is add a few personal touches to the property, making it look and feel stylish and homey, but without being cluttered. Choose a theme for the property, and stick to it. You can use different colour schemes in each room but stick to the same overall theme. Say you have a beachside property, a beachy theme could work well. For a colour scheme, sea foam blue and white tend to work well, as do nautical themes – black and white stripes or navy and white stripes. Think whitewashed wood, reclaimed timber, driftwood features such as lamps, candle holders, and ornaments, strings of fairy lights, ropes used for decoration – the list could go on and on. For creating an amazing holiday space, accessories are a crucial detail.


There you have it, inspiration and ideas for a more marketable holiday home.


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