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5 Killer Ideas To Make Your Home The Envy of Your Neighbours

We carry out most home improvements one eye on functionality, one eye on long term value. However, there is a third option: investing in a home project that’ll boost your property’s fun and cool levels, and make your home the most envied on the street. While many of the ideas you’ll find floating around the internet are either A. far too expensive or B. require more space than most people have in their home, some ideas can be done by anyone with an extra room in their house. We take a look at five of these ideas below.


The Cave of Fun

The cave has rocketed in popularity in recent years, for one obvious reason: they’re fun! They’re also easy to put together and can provide an excellent hangout spot for the owner and their friends. You’ll find most references to “the man cave,” but the “the woman cave” does exist too! What form this room will take depends on your individual interests, but the general idea is that it functions as a retreat from the rest of the home. Makes yours classy, glamorous, and fit for an evening of cocktails with friends.

A Games Room

Many people turn their spare rooms into an extra guest room or home office, but it’s much more fun to have a games room, especially if you have children. Load the room up with toys, games consoles, and decorate the walls in a way that lets everyone know this room is designed for fun. If you have children, this will also keep the madness of their playtime consigned to just one room, making it all the easier to tidy up after them.

The Home Cinema

There’s nothing better than curling up with the family to watch a good film, especially when the weather is miserable outside. If you have an extra room, load it up with comfortable seating and get a company like to install a home theatre and AV system. You’ll be able to watch those perfect family friendly films on a crystal clear screen, with surround sound included as well. Your home might just become the most popular cinema in town!


In The Garden

If you’re in Australia, then you’ll know there’s nothing better than spending those long sunny days in the garden, soaking up the rays with friends and family. Transform your garden into the ideal summer hang out zone by investing in a high-quality BBQ and patio setup. If you’re handy with DIY projects, then you can also add a fire pit to your garden by following the instructions at; they’re perfect for staying warm on those star-filled nights when the temperature is just beginning to dip.

Cosy Reading Nook

Fun’s fun, but relaxation is also important. Make your home the ultimate chill spot by adding a cozy reading nook into the home. They’re surprisingly easy to create, with just a corner or windowsill and a few cushions needed as a starting point. And bonus: you’ll also encourage your children to read!


There we have it. With these five ideas, you’ll have a home that you’ll never want to leave!


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