Is Your Garden Ready For Winter?

When the calm and warm days are over, you will need to think about the outdoors and protecting your property. It is important that you focus on the maintenance of your garden and make sure that you are able to get started with the spring gardening as soon as possible, without having to clean up before. Below you will find a few tasks you should complete before the winter strikes.


You need to get rid of the clutter in the garden. If you have branches and leaves flying all around, you have to get your leaf blower into good use, so you don’t have to deal with the consequences later. Leaves on your lawn can also kill the grass, and you will need to buy extra seeds, to repair the patches. Hide away your broken items and put away the barbecue for the next year.

Loose Branches

Once you have decluttered the garden, it is time to inspect your trees, shrubs, and bushes, so you don’t have to deal with storm damage. Prune your trees and cut the dead or dry plants or branches, so you can allow your plants to grow later in the next year. You can reduce the risk of damage and injury to your kids if you deal with dangerous, sick, or old plants in your garden effectively.


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It is also crucial that you check your fencing, and repair it if it is moving or loose. If your fence panels are not fixed properly, they might fly away in the high wind, damaging your property, breaking your windows, or even causing injuries. You can check out Garden-R for advice on how to keep your garden safe in the winter. If a fence panel causes property damage for your neighbours, such as hitting their car, you will end up paying for the repair.

Pots and Hanging Baskets

When the weather gets cold and the wind picks up, you will need to look out for things that can fly off or break. Hanging baskets that are made of clay or ceramic are extremely dangerous. They can damage your windows and doors, and injure people walking by. The best thing to do would be to put them away for the winter in your greenhouse, shed, or garage.

Garden Features

You might think that your heavy statues and water features are safe in your garden, and are protected from the wind, but the weather and climate is becoming more and more unpredictable. It might be a good idea to fix them to the floor or your patio and cover them up, so they can survive the winter without the need of repainting or mending them in the spring. If you have a pool or pond, make sure you safely cover them up.


If you would like to make sure that your garden is as ready for the winter as your home, you will need to look after your plants, your garden structures, and features. Make sure that you prevent accidents and damage, and you can relax indoors knowing that your garden is protected.


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