Jared Leto: the secret is out


OK, yes I admit I have been somewhat of a fangirl of Jared Leto’s for over ten years. Although, this was quite by accident. 

You see, being the alternative rock chic that I am,  I loved 30 Seconds to Mars (Jared is the lead singer, lyric and music writer and producer for the band) music and I had no idea who the members of the band looked like or who they were.

Anyhoo, I randomly did  one of those “Who is your rockstar boyfriend?” type questionnaires on Facebook and it seemed that Jared was my ideal ‘mate’. I admit I had to google who ‘Jared Leto’ was at the time as I had no idea but I was pleasantly surprised and was even more surprised to see he was a member of one of my favourite bands.

Jared Leto; actor, musician, producer, artist, photographer, humanitarian and vegan is sure to have many hidden secrets but one thing we have been wondering is, how does this man never seem to age?


Jared is 42 and looking back on pictures of him, I can see why people all over the world keep asking this question.

As you can see from the pictures above, Jared looks like he hasn’t aged at all.

Do you want to know the secret? Well, according to Clarins make up artist, Anna Kokotos, Jared is a regular user of the Clarins mens range.  Clarins are sad they weren’t responsible for his amazing hair. How amazing is that balayage?

Clarins active face wash

Clarins mens moisturiser


If my man looks as good as Jared at 42, I am definitely getting some of the Clarins mens range for him to use.

Clarins products can be purchased at Myer, David Jones and specialist pharmacies around Australia.

The Clarins Active face wash retails for  $28 and the Clarins Super moisturiser balm retails for $48.

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