Keep Warm and Look Fashionable: How to Dress for Winter Without Sacrificing Style

Winter is fast approaching. That means dealing with harsh weather and freezing temperatures.

You may go have to go into survival mode every time you step outside, but you don’t have to sacrifice style!

Adding layers of bulky sweaters and a puffy coat may be tempting, but it’s possible to dress fashionably and still be warm in winter!

Here are some tips on how to dress for winter without looking like a bundle of coats.

Dress in Three Layers

When you dress in warm layers, it eliminates the need to wear a bulky coat.

Have an inner layer of polyester or silk to keep you comfortable. Pick a middle layer to insulate, like fleece or wool to trap the body heat you radiate. Choose an outer layer made of shell material to keep you dry in the rain and snow and resistant to wind.

Layering also allows you to play with colors, lengths, and textures. You’re bound to find some fashionable combinations!

Add a Thick Sweater

Does your office get cold? A thick cable knit or wool sweater will keep you warm while being professional office attire. Simply pair it with long pants and boots and you have the perfect office outfit.

Accessorize Accordingly

Adding a scarf, hat, or gloves is the perfect way to accessorize a winter outfit. They can be chic while keeping you safe from the harsh weather.

A matching set is ideal, but not necessary. You can coordinate your warm accessories to match your outfits, but they can just be attractive statement pieces to add a little flair!

Go Bold with Color

Just because the weather’s a little blah doesn’t mean your outfits have to be! A lot of women stick to neutrals in winter, but that will only make you blend in with the scenery.

Pair some wild patterns with your neutral clothes or simply add a few pops of color to stand out. Winter has so many holidays, so you have plenty of opportunities to look festive!

Choose Sensible Boots

Fur-lined or over-the-knee boots will scream “fashionista” while keeping you warm and comfortable. Even the dressiest of occasions can call for some high-heeled boots!

If the weatherman predicts some form of precipitation, waterproof boots are your best bet. However, you can always treat non-waterproof boots with a waterproof shoe protector spray.

Bundle up That Baby

Keeping a child warm in the winter should be priority number one. They should wear just as many layers as you. But even kids’ winter clothing can be fashionable.

A cozy sweater, pompom hat, and baby girl snowsuit are a great start for the little girl in your life. The adorable, yet warm coats are soft to the touch and appealing to the eye.

How to Dress for Winter and Look Good Doing It

Be prepared for harsh weather this winter with a few of these necessary additions to your wardrobe. You’ll be able to achieve fashionista status now that you know how to dress for winter.

It’s time to plan some winter outfits!

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