Keep Your Home Up To Date With These Winter Trends For 2020

Unfortunately, autumn is nearly over and winter is soon to be here. Bbefore long, the winter weather will have set in and all the memories of the warm weather will be a distant recollection. It sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? Obviously, the majority of people enjoy the warm summer months than they do the cold winter ones. But, there is something good to come out of the winter, you can redecorate!

Every home needs an upgrade when the seasons change, and these trends for 2020 are the perfect way to usher in the winter. Trust me when I say that these trends will completely transform your home for the better!

  1.    Shades Of Grey

The usual colour tone for autumn and winter is dark and cosy. Dark, matte colours give off a warm vibe that makes you want to sit in front of the fire all day and relax away from the bad weather outside. While they are still a good choice, and always will be, this year grey has become the new colour for winter and autumn. The neutrality of grey mixes in with any style, plus it matches the colour scheme outside. Grey tones also create an atmospheric style that is incredibly homely.

  1.    And Midnight Blues and Dark Green

Like I said, darker colours are still a good option. Some people just don’t like grey because of its neutrality. What is a strength for one is a weakness for another. And, just because it isn’t autumn anymore doesn’t mean you have to suffer. If you prefer darker, more dulcet tones, Pantone colour of the year, classic blue, or a calming green colour will stand out from the crowd, while complimenting the rest of the house. Try using colours like this for decorative purposes, such as throw pillows and covers.

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  1.    Wooden Look Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl has come a long way in the past few years and is renowned for its quality construction, along with a new-found sense of style that has seen its popularity rise among designers and DIYers. With its countless benefits, it’s easy to understand why. Vinyl is highly durable and is able to easily withstand continuous high foot traffic. The flooring features an ultra-hygienic coating that ensures it remains resilient against scratches and stains. Vinyl provides a moisture resistant flooring option, so unlike laminate or timber, it won’t get damaged when coming into contact with water and won’t chip or crack like floor tiles. The endless colours and finishes available make it an exceptionally versatile choice, with styles designed to emulate the look of natural materials, for a fraction of the price, to complement any and every aesthetic of your home.

  1.    A Fire

Nothing says winter like a roaring fire. Firstly, it creates an atmosphere that is hard to replicate. Not only does the outside fire itself look the part, but so does the inside when the flames are burning. It creates a contrast with the outside, as well as stimulating your memories and imagination. Secondly, and just as importantly, fires are a money saver. A roaring fire will heat the whole of the house, so you don’t have to waste money on central heating.

The most important thing to remember about styling your home for the changing weather is your comfort. To combat the cold, everything should be as cosy as physically possible!

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