These Family Therapy Activities Will Keep Your Family Strong

All families have their own personal struggles to overcome. One family might be dealing with financial troubles, while their neighbors are recovering from a death in the family.

Whatever the challenges, everyone can relate to needing family therapy at one point in time. 

What is family therapy? Family therapy is a type of counseling or treatment used to address and find solutions for specific issues in the family. Through these activities, the goal is to restore the family’s mental health and help everyone feel balanced and happy.

While some families seek professional counseling, there are also things you can do in the privacy of your home to bring your family closer together. Discovering a few family therapy activities you can do at home is a great way to ensure your family’s bond stays strong.

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Design a Family Mural Together

Find a free wall in the house, outside the house, or even in the garage. You can hang a large piece of plastic on the wall first to protect the paint. Then, take a large piece of blank paper.

Use paper from a large paper roll so you can almost cover the entire wall with it. Give each family member crayons, pencils, or markers. Use anything that won’t need time to dry (like paint). 

Each family member can draw their own images and express their feelings through them. Let the images, patterns, and colors touch one another and blend with one another. After each session, you can remove the paper and roll it back up until next time.

The final result is a beautiful mural the entire family worked on—and hopefully some emotional clarity too.

Grow a Family Garden Together

Growing a garden together is another amazing way to bond and work on some family issues at hand. Gardening is a fun and relaxing experience. It’s even been proven to reduce stress levels

While the entire family plants new flowers or picks a few veggies, it can reduce anxiety and stress. You can talk about things that are bothering each other while you work together. Allow everyone their own time to speak. 

Have each family member plant something in honor of letting go of the past and preparing to move forward in life. 

Create an Emotion Ball

During some of the most difficult times, such as death or divorce, children can have difficulty expressing their emotions. The same is true for parents as well. This is why child adolescent therapy is so important. 

An emotion ball can help everyone express their emotions and what’s causing them. Write down different emotions on a ball and take turns tossing the ball from one person to another.

When someone catches the ball, they look at the emotion written on top. Then they’ll describe a time when they felt that specific emotion.

Try These Family Therapy Activities for Strong Bonds

When dealing with family turmoils at home, try out a few of these family therapy activities. Engaging in these activities will help build strong family bonds and healthy relationships. 

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