How to: Make Easy Pokemon and Kid’s Cakes

 Pokemon cake

Recently it was my youngest son’s 9th birthday and he requested an Oshawott Pokemon cake (above). As far as kid’s cakes go, it is fairly easy.

In previous years I have made Elmo, a long neck dinosaur, Pikachu Pokemon, a bunny, a bear… you get the idea. I don’t claim to be the best kids cake maker but it doesn’t matter how craptastic the cake is, the kids still love it because you have gone to the effort of making it for them.

You will need:

  • Ingredients to make a sponge cake from scratch, a packet mix or a sponge slab from the supermarket
  • White icing sugar
  • Food Colouring (I buy the small rainbow pack)
  • Gel icing pens
  • Normal icing pens
  • A plastic board or ply with tin foil covering it

The easiest way I have found to make them is as follows:

  1. Search the internet for a colouring in page of the character you want (I have found this one to be the best) and enlarge the picture so it just fits inside an a4 sheet of paper. Print it out.
  2. Next make any flavoured sponge cake you like. I prefer to make vanilla but you can go with any flavour you want. You can make your own from scratch or buy a cake mix packet (Betty Crocker packet cakes are the best I’ve found). Whichever way you make it, it will need to half fill a rectangle cake tray or baking dish. My tray is 33cm x 23 cm. (Alternatively, you can buy a sponge slab from the supermarket. I have previously seen them in Coles)
  3. Cut out the colouring in page character from the piece of paper. Around the outer edge only.
  4. Place the image in top on the cold sponge and hold it in place with a few toothpicks.
  5. Cut the cake to the same outline as the character.
  6. Take off the image and place it to the side.
  7. Using a toy or coloured image of the character, ice the base colour of the character in sections (I used blue on the lower half of Oshawott and white for his head)
  8. Using a black icing pen, draw in the lines using the colouring page as a guide and if needed colour in other sections with the coloured icing pens (like I have with the blue gel pens on Oshawott’s tail, arms, legs and ears. The gold gel pen for Oshawott’s shell on his tummy).

Voila! You are done!



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  • Shireen

    Hi, I noticed you also made a Pikachu cake, could you put up the recipe for that too?
    this will be my first time baking a cake and i really want to get a good recipe to get it off with :’)

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