Kim and Kanye, just no.

Kim Kardashian naked

If you haven’t seen Kanye West’s new music clip then you are in for a treat… no, not really…. actually, I would describe it as more of a train wreck. You know you shouldn’t watch it but you can’t look away either.

Kim and Kanye have always bemoaned the lack of privacy and their hate for the paparazzi but then turn around and do this? It is well known that Kim K’s assistant let’s the press know when she is headed somewhere and Kanye likes to say things to get a reaction. *cough fame whores cough*

Kanye is supposed to be professing his love for his fiance, Kim Kardashian but ends up making her look bad in the process. I mean, a man who respects his woman wouldn’t simulate sex with his “baby Momma” (as he calls her) on a stationary motorbike, while in front a green screen and someone bouncing the bike up and down for effect, now would he? I mean he carries on about THE video that made Kim famous but then he does a similar thing with her? Granted, Kim looks gorgeous in the video but it does nothing for her image. She comes across as a blank, expressionless sex toy really.

Kim Kardashian boobs

And with lyrical gold like this, it really shows how much he respects Kim:

I wanna f**k you hard on the sink
After that, give you something to drink
Step back, can’t get spunk on the mink
I mean damn, what would Jeromey Romey Romey Rome think?
Hey, you remember where we first met?
Okay, I don’t remember where we first met
But hey, admitting is the first step
And hey, you know ain’t nobody perfect
And I know, with the hoes I got the worst rep
But hey, their backstroke I’m tryna perfect
And hey, ayo, we made it, Thanksgiving
So hey, maybe we can make it to Christmas
She asked me what I wished for on the wishlist
Have you ever asked your bitch for other bitches?
Maybe we could still make it to the church steps
But first, you gon’ remember how to forget
After all these long-ass verses
I’m tired, you tired, Jesus wept

F**cking on a sink? Not getting spunk on the mink? MAYBE making it to Christmas? Ummm…. ok then. There’s a lot of respect right there for your relationship, dude.

How is his daughter going to interpret the lyrics and video when she is older? That is ok for Dad to sexualise Mum and the only great thing about Kim are her boobs and sex with her?  He asked her for other women for Christmas… seriously?

What man calls his woman a bitch? Or women in general bitches? ‘Bitch” is such an ugly term and I have never understood why it is ok for a female to be described as one, to be honest.

So you can cringe and maybe even be sick, here is the offending video:

What do you think? Do you think he is “dissing” Kim in the video? What do you think of women being called bitches?

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