3 Pieces of Technology that Will Leave your Guests Envious

wealthy couple
You know the Jones’s? You’ve heard of them, right? The perfect, preening couple living in a neat two bedroom house on the corner, kitted out with every accessory one could possibly dream of or throw money at, constantly stuck in a cycle of being the hottest, cutting edge neighbourhood leaders of things to have and investments to make.

You’re only just making ends meet in your rental, or maybe you’ve just put down your first deposit on a new home, a renovator’s nightmare but it’s yours. You’ve got no chance to make anyone jealous, or so you tell yourself; don’t be so pessimistic. All it will take is one of the following tech updates to move you into the trendy zone – but be careful what you wish for, being on-it isn’t always everything it seems and envy only lasts so long, in a constantly updating world.

The Ice-Box


Fridges have come a long way from their birth, once just a simple cube of insulated ice, intended for meat storage and maybe a hunk of cheese, a bottle of milk and the odd cask of butter. These days, a household fridge reveals a lot about the standing of the owner, and there’s nothing better than a side by side edition with a high litre capacity, and a few extras to wow passing guests. Ice and water dispensers are a bit old hat, admittedly, but the efficiency of new releases in conjunction with LED technology, easy cooling features and adjustable panels sets the pretenders apart from the contenders. Investing a few thousand (yes, more than two) in a solid fridge will be a sound decision as you cobble together a list of essential appliances.

The Smart Appliance

LG entertainment system

Similar to the smart phone, the smart television is fast becoming integral to the modern entertainment experience. Imagine a full realised three dimensional experience and a crisp ultra HD LED LCD display, spanning up to 213cm; a loungeroom cinema and a centrepiece to your status as technologically “with it”. Surround sound is common sense and the smart functionalities of connectivity, networking and internet interfacing are well within reach; not only will visitors stare at its awesome size, but you’ll be visually arrested each and every time you switch it on.

Ride the Wave


Forget about the microwave, though convenience will never go out of fashion (in fact, it is the very agent that propels progress), the infrared speed heating capability of a light wave oven renders the humble micro oven obsolete, as new technology allows budding chefs to microwave, grill and oven food to the pleasure of the user, opposed to simply reheating or clumsily cooking leftovers. The best picks usually come with a 10 year guarantee at least and a range of auto cook menus to get you started. Your friends will be Kermit with every kind of envy as their mix masters pale in comparison and ingenuity.

Are you ready to stand out from the pack? Do you have a slip of advice you’d like to pass onto your fellow readers below? Tell us your worst dinner party stories and get a round of neighbourhood envy off your chest.

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